Saturday, 15 March 2008

Some of us attended an amazing workshop down at the community centre a couple of weeks ago!

Needless to say - there is LOADS to report back - but in a nutshell - Louise Francis & the incredible team at - are trying their bestest to get some community spirit going for the whole of Hackney Wick & surrounding areas!!

So what does this mean for us Leabankers?

Well .......... it's all at the beginning stages - but soon we can all have an input into what we love about, loathe about, are worried about, want to contribute our views about, want to shout about, want to find out about, anything about Hackney Wick!!

How - well - this team are building a web-map of our neighbourhood with just about all you could ever want to know about it - it's history, its future, its facilities, its amazing people (you!), its plans, etc.

Until we get a bit further down the road with the web-map - wet your appetite by visiting their web-site: and check out how far the Hackney Wick map has come along at:

And please keep a look out for any updates to this exciting new venture for ALL of us - right here on this blog. Also please feel free to comment on this as well!!

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Anonymous said...


How comes most of the stuff we listed has been messed up?

We all put a lot of graft into this mate, and it doesn't look good so far?

Sort it out.