Saturday, 15 March 2008

The Wall

You cannot escape the blue wall of the Olympic Site!

It seems to be seen form all over Leabank Square. For those of us lucky enough to be able to see over the top - it all seems to be moving along at a fast pace.

The thing is..........

Sometimes not everything goes well. As some of us can vouch for - sometimes there is just too much dust & noise coming over the Big Blue Fence.

This is inevitable! It's a massive building site - and it's gonna be a cracking Olympics venue when it's done.

But - if there is something that is upsetting you - then please know that there is a fantastic team on the other end of a phone who will get things sorted out as quick as they can.

We have had very dry sand mountains sprayed with water within an hour in the very dry weather; we've had very noisy machines quieted down as very short notice; we even had a faulty alarm on the Sand Washer (that massive yellow machine) switched off at 3.00am on a Sunday night.

All it takes is a quick phone call to the Olympic Site helpline on
0800 0722 110

This line is answered at any time of the day or night - and swift action will be taken. As I said - they have always done all they could to make Leabank Square's life a lot easier.


Derek said...

Hey Sóna

I know you said we could call ourselves, but I'd prefer it if you did it on our behalf mate.

There are 3 things.

1. The noise is getting louder and louder every day! And getting later EVERY day!! We can't even open our windows or balconey doors!!

2. The dust is relentless. I bet it's the same in your flat. Even on a Sunday (the only day we CAN open the balconey doors) we get tons of dust blowing straight off the dunes directly into our houses and flats. Were they not supposed to spray them down all the time?

3. That blue mate. Sort it out. The glare makes EVERYTHING in our flat look blue including the wife.


Anonymous said...

This is beyond a joke now!!

The noise is incredible during the day. We can't even open a single window, never mind the balconey door.

Please, please do something about it!

Sybil said...

It was soooooo peaceful today 'cos the Olympics people were not working!!

I absolutely dread Monday mornings now!! After a day of peace - we then get woken up with that awful racket!!

Sona - have you spoken to them about the noise yet?

Please get something done about it - I CANNOT take another 4 years of it!!


Betty said...

Hello Sona

Remember that micraphone thingie they stuck up on the Lea Bank?

Can the olympics peeple not check the noise on their tape recorder themselves?

Surely they will then understand what we are going thru all day lon?

Is there no way we can get dubble glazing, at least in the front blocks facing the olympics?

Who will we need to ask? pmms? hackney council? christine? oda? boris bloody jonson?


Alex J said...

As you know Sóna, I live on the Berkshire Road side of Leabank Sqaure, and the noise just ricochets through the square.

But my ashtma is getting worse with ALL THE DUST coming over.

I know it's not their fault it hasn't rained for a couple of weeks - but they promised us that they would spray the giant sandy hills ALL the time to stop this happening!!

Are they going to have these massive dunes for a long time? Or are they going to start building there soon?

Does anyone else know?

Sóna - can you give them a call about the dust and noise please?

Let me know what they say. See you at the meeting on Thurs.

Alex J

Mo said...

How come it's getting later and later?

Weren't they s'posed to finish at 5.30pm? I'm sure I remember that from one of their PR roadshows!

Can you find out what the construction hours are s'posed to be please.


Anonymous said...

I know it's noy their fault, but the wind has whipped up a dust storm these past few days, and its gone straight all into my flat.

These jokers promised us that they were going to water all the sand for this exact reason.

Can we bill them for external cleaners\\\\\\\\\\\\/

Sally said...

Hello Shona

When i got home tonight, my longe (canalside) was coated in this thick layer of dust.

It has definetely gotten worse. AND - I only had my small windows open a fraction! Imagine if I had left my balconey door open.

Have you had any reply from the olympic people yet?


Sue said...

Hi Sóna

Thanks for the call. WIND DIRECTION!!!!!

In the next 4 years - the wind is gonna stick to blowing away from us ALL the time huh?!

Anyway - I'll be up for the visit and will email you a few dates when i get home tonight.

Thanks for trying though.


Leabank Square said...

Hey Everyone

Please can you check the blogs for Monday 12 May 2008.

There is a chance to get all your questions answerred by the people in the know.

Please, please, please get back to me soon with any names & then I'll give Giorgia a call.


Matt said...


The wind direction changed last night (I know because it gotten a lot colder), and there is still a lot of dust blowing in the air.

Don't let them fob you off mate, they either water the mountains or they don't. If they did, this sand storm wouldn't happen!!

I'm also cool for the trip but don't know my hours for next week yet.

I'll let you know as soon as I know.


Farah said...

hello sona

did you manage to find out about the noise hours?

remember at the last meeting they said that it would be 8am to 5.30pm. There is no way that they are sticking to that at the moment.

and it was alos supposed to be every second saturday.

if you have heard anything please post a comment here.


Brian said...

Brian here

I don't wanna meet up with them olympics lot. They will just give you a lotta spin anyway.

I see they are putting posters up on the blue wall - about time innit

Anonymous said...

plees ask the olimpic peepol not to trampol our flowers and trees

Anne said...

Hi Sóna

It's Anne.

Did you say that the Olympic person said that they sprayed the sand dunes every day?

I never quite got what you said. I laughed at the change of wind explaination - as if the wind DARE have the TENACITY to change it's direction!!

But there has been absolutely no dust supression done AT ALL.

Can you remind me what she said.