Friday, 6 February 2009

Leabank Square Community Association

We finally did it!!

Last night was the inaugural meeting of the Leabank Square Community Association!!

As you all know - this has been a very long (& at times - withdrawn) process. We have had many previous attempts, false starts, different names, tenants groups, residents groups, consortium's - you name it - we've probably had it!!

But this is it - Leabank Square - we finally have a Community Association!

So....... What does that mean?

Basically - it is a tiny group (at present) that will aim to represent everybody who lives here in Leabank Square - in our dealings with the different management companies, council officials, Olympic representatives, local organisations, etc.

We only want the best for Leabank Square!! We want to have loads of diverse events, barbies, picnics, celebrations, parties & festivals.

But we also want to improve our square by planting new & exiting gardens, making minor repairs to our facilities, creatively decorating dull corners, making the entrances of our houses more attractive & green, hiding the purely functional bin & recycling ares under beautiful & green structures, having annual Spring-Clean days, introducing communal dog-poo & litter bins, etc.

Another very exciting opportunity springing out of having a Community Association - is the ability to raise funds exclusively for Leabank Square!

We have opened a bank account for this purpose, which is strictly controlled by three signatories - who will be fully accountable to the rest of us for any expenditure by all of us. This means that we can write to organisations, companies & individuals and ask for funds for particular projects.

The founding association comprises Tracie (Chair), Debbie (Secretary), Nadira (Treasurer), Sóna (Olympic Spokesperson), Simon (Board Member), Stewart (Board Member). As in any Association - these roles are held for a full year, and then voted on at an Annual General Meeting the following year.

These are very exciting times for all of us here in Leabank Square!! The whole of Hackney Wick is going through an incredible period of fast change - and we need to have a Community Association set up in order to take advantages of this change!


Paul said...

Hi Sóna

Well done!!

This is the best news for all of us here in Leabank Square!!

From now on we have a few formalities to take care of, and then we gain a whole lot more control of our own lives and surroundings!

What a momentous moment!!


Matt said...

Hey Dude!

Fantastic news man! Well done to everyone concerned! This is just the thing to turn LS around!

Please let me know how I can help in ANY way!


Mary said...

Hi Guys

This is such brilliant news! After all the starts/stops over the years - we are finally getting closer to the co-op ideal huh?!

Well done for all the hard work - you have all our support!

Rex said...

Here's to you pioneers!! 3 Cheers!!

Thanks for all the information sent, this is definetely the way forward. It's great to have excellent communication about Leabank Square for once!!


Adele said...

Here we go! Here we go! Here we go!

Please remember that the rest of the square is right behind you! The even better news is that the seperate housing managers are behind you as well!

I know some of the hard work you have had to go through to get everyone together, and I applaud your tenacity & community spirit!


Millie said...

Please get the London & Quadrant block at the entrance under your control as well. We need to all be brought into the same association. That way we can sort dog poo, parking, garden, allotments, decorating, festivals, etc together!!

Lester said...

Very Well Done!!

Especially getting the bank account opened. We've always had problems opening them.

There are too many credit checks, history checks, references, minimum amounts, minmum signatories, rules & regs, etc.

This is gonna be the turning year for Leabank Square!

Raj said...

Hi Leabank Square Community Association

Thanks for setting up! I know it must have been a bit of a trial getting everyone on the same page, but this is so worth it!

Well done, and long may you associate!!

smith said...

Well done everyone! After all these years of trying to get up & running & rid of pmms - you've finally got the association up on it's feet! This will be the period we will always look back fondly on in years to come.
Smith Family

Bobbi said...

Talk about excellent news or what?!

This is exactly what Leabank Square has always needed - a friendly umbrella over it's head!!

Thanks committee!! This is the begining of an era!


Bill said...

Being one of the residents who tried to start an association many years ago - I know exactly what you had to go through in order to get this off the ground!

Well done - and thanks for your constitution as well - I LOVE that it represents ALL the residents of Leabank Square!

Good luck for all our futures!!


Stuart said...

I must say - I LOVE these meetings! The way we are all getting on - with common goals in mind! Perfect start to the association!

Start as we mean to go on I say!


Michael said...

This is IT!!!

Leabank Square takes control of it's own destiny!!

Well done everyone, your hard work will definetly make our lovely square the most envied in all London!!

Thank you!

Derek said...

Hi Managers!!

I LOVE it! Fantastic news for all of us! We have needed this ever since some of us moved in way back before they even finnished the blocks!


Sarah said...

Good on all of you. I've only been here a couple of years, but am very impressed at how you all just get on with the gardening, maiantaining, festivals, etc.

By sheer contrast, the 'official' management PMS, are as hopeless as all hell. Long may you look after all our interests.

Thanks - Sarah