Thursday, 26 February 2009

Thanks to Rosy in Stoke Newington

A HUGE bunch of thanks to Rosy for the very kind donation of a Gum Tree!!

She had this beautiful specimen growing on her 7th floor balcony and had looked after it for almost 10 years, but felt that it needed a home closer to ground level - and chose Leabank Square to plant it for her!

Rosy - many thanks for this stunning tree - we promise to nurture & look after it for decades to come. Please feel free to come & visit it any time you like - and also - look out for a summer barbie invite to you (& everyone else who has donated to Leabank Square) in a couple of months time.

Thank you Rosy!


Bruce said...

Hi Sóna

These are my absolutely all time fave trees!! They remind me of my childhood back in Oz!


Mary said...

Ah! I agree!

They are such cool trees, and they grow quite tall as well. At last some greenery that we should all be able to see as we enter the square.

Thanks Rosy