Thursday, 12 February 2009

Olympic Noise & Dust - Early Day Motion

It is every heartening to see that 40 MP's signed the CONTROL OF DUST AND EMISSIONS FROM CONSTRUCTION AND DEMOLITION SITES put forward by Paddy Tipping - the MP for Nottinghamshire.

What's slightly dis-heartening - is to see that Meg Hillier (our own MP) has not added her signature - despite being copied in to many emails detailing our concerns. I know that Neil has had a reply or two from her about the spotlights, but she has always been strangely silent about the noise & dust pollution - I'm sure she has her reasons.............

Anyway - thanks to everyone who wrote off all those letters - what seems like many weeks ago now - 40 is a very good result!!! Those of you that follow the doings & don'tings of Parliament will know that to get this amount of signatures for a very local issue - is fantastic!!

It's all the more sweet - as the ODA seem to be listening to us at the moment - but that doesn't mean that we should ever be complacent. There is still a very long way to go!

But the most impressive thing is that we are attracting the right sort of attention - by going through the right channels. Don't be put off by our won MP completely ignoring us - who knows what kinds of lobbying she's getting in the House - we will just have to go it alone - as we always have done!!

Please click on the links below to See the actual Early Day Motion (EDM395) & the ever vigilant Julian Cheyne's report on it for Games Monitor.


Felix said...

What IS it with Hillier?!?

When you go through her contributions in Parliament - she is so full on with Home Office dictats - but so VERY little for Hackney Wick.

Sure she does the odd walkabout for the Hackney Gazette - just enough to make us think she's got our interests at heart - but very few - if any - questions on behalf of her constituency!!!

I only voted for her because Brian was so adamant we should - but have never seen her stand up for us in Parliament!!!

How about we all go for Green next time around?


Anonymous said...

You've got some good names among that lot.

Matt said...


What is that constant bambambambam coming from over where the soil washing plant used to be?

It's been going on for a week now! Can't they put those noise screen around whatever it is that they're doing?

I'm sure that you would be able to see it from your living room windows. But it's echoing all through the square - especially at 8am!!

Can you have a word please?

Brian said...

Hi Sóna

You know I NEVER ever thought I'd say this - but it may be time for the tories to have a go at representing the Wick.

After Sedgemore - this Meg Hillier & all her creeping in the home office - is far too busy to EVER take us Wickers concerns to Parliament.

I've never felt this unrepresented in my whole long life. I've been a Labourite ever since I started voting - but has she EVER said anything on our behalf?!

Ditch the witch - let's bed the devil!


Kenworthy David said...

Meg Hillier is a Government Minister (in the Home Office). Ministers cannot sign Early Day Motions of any kind, regardless of how worthy or important the cause.

Also as a Minister she can't ask Parliamentary Questions, which explains why you see so many instances of Meg speaking on Home Office issues and none on Wick.

Neil said...

Thanks for that David - I had no idea that our OWN MP cannot actually properly represent us in Parliament?!

Can we get a refund please?

Tell Gordon - our MP is broken - and we either need a refund - or an exchange - a proper hard working constituent MP.

One that will take our concerns and issues right onto the floor of the house! This is Hackney Wick - not Kensington & Chelsea! We have just a few more issues that need to be adressed - with a whole lot less residents able to be as active as the 'well offs & worrieds'.

Next time around Hackney Wick - forget party politics - choose the candidate that has the best grass roots campaigning background - not one that has ambitions to be PRESIDENT of the UK!

Maureen said...

Hi Sóna
Well? I live and learn! Every day I find out something else about our beloved democracy that I DO NOT LIKE!

So not only does Hillier NOT adequately represent her constituents in Westminster - she goes for the kill with enforcing ID cards on the rest of us!

I've never had anything to hide all of my 64 years, but she will never get me to carry around any form of ID to prove who I am to any coppa!

How did The Wick ever end up with such a right-wing MP? Maybe it's time to start some form of deselection process going?

Let me do some homework and see how we can go about getting rid of her. There has to be some opt-out clause for residents who are unhappy with their own MP.

Be back when I dig up something.

Leabank Square said...

Hi Everyone

Focus people! The real story here is that we managed to get an EDM asked in Parliament.

This just adds to the general static. It means that the Olympic noise & dust discussion is still active. This means that the ODA still have to bear their neighbours in mind.

It all helps! Whether our own MP is - or is not helping us - has never really helped or hindered us. We are much more effective in getting our issues across than any MP ever will be.

Keep the debate focussed people!


Maria said...

Why is it - when we really desperately NEED a pro-active MP - we get some John Major wannabee?!

We don't need a career obsessed MP - we need one that is going to be able to put our case over to anyone making our lives difficult!

Has anyone got one of those Facebook accounts where we can start a capaign to get rid of Meg Hillier - and get someone who will be able to sign early day motions by the thousand - if they will help us out of a hole?


Su said...


Getting an Early Day Motion on construction upheaval for neighbours is A RESULT!!

Well worth sending off all those letters.

What's next?


Jake said...

Hullo Sóna

So what does that David guy mean? Does Hillier not take our letters further? Does she just file them?

What does it mean?

Have all the replies we've ever had from her just been fob-offs? I suggest we all go down to the next surgery and demand some answers mate.


Luke said...

Hey Shona

This was such good news man!!

I know EDM's are considerred the poor mans acts, but it still gets mentioned in corridors other than Canary Wharf doesn't it?

Forget Hillier, she gave up on us long ago, the real power is the media, and that's where our plan has the greatest impact!

I think this is a great day for democracy!!


Anonymous said...

It's weird how this Sona can stir things up in his entry (going on about an EDM which Meg Hillier didn't sign / she does nothing etc), then as soon as he realises that Ms Hillier can't sign EDMs and he's got it wrong (yet again), he tells everyone else to calm down and focus!

A bit like last year, when he stirred everyone up with his entries, but as soon as he felt the heat himself, he started telling everyone suddenly to calm down ("It's not going to help our cause by being angry and confrontational"), and even posted an entry praising "all things Olympian" - an entry which has mysteriously disappeared (though no wonder it has: Simply by reading it, you could smell the fear - It was like the writer had suddenly turned into an ODA lackey).

No wonder Mr Rogge didn't feel the need to reply . . .

Mr Blue said...

Dear All

Sóna has passed all the anti-Hillier correspondence on to me as he is worried that it is going to bring more visits from the police to his family.

Please stop this thread and ONLY use the new secure email system for any future anti-Hillier correspondence from now on.

This is not only for our security - but also so that there is no way she can get wind of our plans.

Mr Blue

matt said...

Hi Shona
Don't even bother with hillier - she's absolutly useless - nothing but a maggie-fixation!

We are making better headway with the MEP's though. They're very keen to take the Olympics to task over in Brussels.

I'll fill you in at the Wed meeting. Are you still full-time on the Comic Relief gig, or can we look forward to see you around Leabank again?!


Anonymous said...

Hello Sóna

When did Hillier ever help us out with all the Olympic battles?!?

She literally does not give a damn whether her own constituents drown under a flood of dust!

Please still use the secure email system to continue our plans about this situation. Both her & the Canary Wharf bunch cannot use the police to intimidate us anymore if they don't know what we're talking bout.

Seriously folks, dont fret about Hillier, shes a complete waste of a seat in the house of Parliament. We have always got more mileage out of using the 4th estate.

Tom B said...


How did we end up with such a non entity like hillier after such a power-house like Brian?

I know there's no comparison, but Hackney Wick NEEDS a voice in Parliament - and that's why she going!

If any part of London needs someone on its side at this time in Parliament - it's The Wick. She's probably a nice enough person, but we need someone who actually makes a difference!


Mr Pink said...

Hello Sóna
As has been stated a few times up here, lets continue to do our campaigning on the secure channel, forget Hillier, and ALSO let the psuedo-anarchists pleasure each other elsewhere.
I just want to remind everyone to add the embargo dates on ant media correspondence.
Mr Pink

Pete said...

Hi Sóna

It looks like our friends are hacking into the blog again.

I definetly did NOT - will NEVER - endorse the Tories!

The same dirty tricks they played with the Olympic meeting in January - are being played out with this thread. I am closing all submits to it after this entry.

Please get the geeks back on the security case again to plug this new hole. And I suggest we all have another sweep as well.