Monday, 16 February 2009

PMMS - Discuss...........

Due to an overwhelming demand - many residents want to discuss the management company - Property Maintenance & Management Services (PMMS) - who maintain Leabank Square.

I know we did this back in September last year ( and things got a bit heated - so let's see if we can have another go at discussing what we all want from our management company.

We pay them quite a load of service charge each year - so let's please make sure we tell them just what we want in return.

So - here goes......

PMMS - Discuss.............


Anonymous said...

Have you ever tried to call this bunch of crooks?!

There is an immediate tone of suspicion! They are on the defensive right from the begining of the call.

And then she always promises to pass the mesaage on to Derek, but does he EVER get back?!


For all the money they suck out of us annualy, you would think that we would get some degree of proffesionalism out of them.

Instead, all we get is obfuscation!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Sóna

I cannot stand the jingoistic remarks they always make on the phone whenever I mention neighbours in the square.

If they're not white & British - then there's always some derogatory quip about Turks or Eastern Europeans or Africans or Arabs!

As you know - I AM white & BRitish - but these PMMS ignoramuses make me very embarrased to be white & British!

AND..... we're paying them to manage the square on ALL our behalf?!?


Anonymous said...

The most infuriating thing about PMMS is the inability to get hold of this derek lee character. Some bulldog always fields the calls, asking what it's to do with, and promising he'll return the calls. He never does.

Why is he hiding behind some secretary? What is he hiding from? There is something so very dodgy about this guy, and we will finally find out what it is with the FOI request.

The sooner we get shot of them the better!


Anonymous said...

Hi Sóna

What a joke this lot are?!

We ask them for some storage space for the Gardening Club - and they send you guys in the blocks a letter about not using common storage areas!?!

Are they taking the mickey?!

This just simply shows you the contempt these idiots have for their residents - who pay their COMPLETELY RIP-OFF SERVICE CHARGES!!

How far are the Associations lawyers down the firing road? We've submitted all the 'precise instances' - now they have to speed things up a bit! I can't stand being ripped off by complete bigots any longer!


Anonymous said...

Hi Shona

Have you guys also recieved this letter from PMMS today? Our block has.

This is exactly what I was saying at the meeting. They only adress issues they want to talk about. When we ask for them to do something about the dog owners who frighten off all our children by colonising the gated part of the green, they completely ignore the request!!

Remember what I said: they only do what THEY want - not what WE need!!

And then when we phone up to speak to them, we get dodging every time!! And we PAY them for this?!?

Time to stop methinks!!


Anonymous said...

Just got in & saw this new DICTAT from pmms!! Isn't it amazing what vexxes them?

A few cycles locked up safishly in the entrance, and they start threatening all sorts of legalities.

But when a resident asks for them to carry out their contracted work? No movement!

A bigger bunch of coniving 'managers' I have yet to meet.

I wonder how much we are going to get billed for them HAVING to send this letter out to these law breakers they manage? It's in my diary & if they are still managing us at the end of the financial year, I'll look out for this invoice entry.

You can't but laugh!


Anonymous said...


What do I do about all my landlords stuff in the small room at the end of the corridor?

I've sent an email to the agency, but if they don't get hold of him before these PMMS people throw it all out, they'll lose their belongings.

I know it's not strictly my problem, but I do feel a bit obliged to let them know about this threatening letter?

Do you have his direct contact details by any chance? I remember he came to that meeting in January.

Please slip a note under my door either way.


Anonymous said...

Hi Sóna

I have NEVER EVER had a response from PMMS to any of my queries - EVER!!

I have given up even phoning them anymore. How did it ever come to this? How does my own management company make me - me who pays them loads of money each year - not want to phone them to report anything I think needs looking at.

Please could we just get rid of them completely?


Anonymous said...

Hi Sóna

There is no way that pmms can ever effectively manage our beautiful Square?!

They are based in the middle of nowhere, and never ever come here to check up on their contrators!!

When the so called gardeners pretend to maintain the green - who checks up on them? When that bigotted chauvanist comes to 'do some electrical maintainance' - who checks up on him? When the painters do their work on the blocks - who checks up on them?

That's why we get ripped off!! These contractors are ripping pmms off, who then add an extra rip-off amount on top of that especially for us!

The new company we choose must be closer - and have a better track record for monitoring their contractors work!


Anonymous said...

..... and another thing....

Thanks for reminding me about their website! There is NOTHING on their website that bares ANY resemblance to how they manage Leabank Square!!

Take a look everyone - it's one of their better jokes played out on us over the years.


Anonymous said...

Hey Sóna
I still have those taped phone conversations where that receptionist went all rascist about some of the residents. Please tell me if they will prove useful at any stage.

Anonymous said...

Hi Team
Whatever I personally think of them (too rude for a blog) - the fact remains that we have been diddled by them for far too long now. We need a change of management - and the tendering process is going to be very fair. Business is business. And if I am going to give any company MY business - at least I want them to do what I - AS A CUSTOMER - want!

Anonymous said...

I was speaking to our housing officer, and they are just as frustrated by the state of the square managed by pmms as well.

In principle, they see no reason why we should put the whole square out to tender under a single company once pmms's contract comes up for renewel.

They're just checking with their legal dept, and I'll let you know once they get back to me.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sóna - I'd just like to add my utter dissapointment concerning PMMS. We have lived here for about 16 years now, and I have tried so many times to get them to adress numerous issues over the years, to no avail!
And then, out of the blue they come & take away all our planters, or they take down the walls surrounding the bins at the blocks, or send out completely off the wall letters - all without any consultation! It's like they're a law unto themselves.

You would have thought that with 'all their years of experience' they would have learnt the odd bit of professionalism along the way.

Please get us a proper maintainance company!!


Anonymous said...

Just had a look at their website! You would never guess - when some ogre answers their phone - that they actually have a sense of humour - would you?!

It's a laugh-a-line on their website. Every line a cracker!!

The best thing about it all is that our legal team now has a list of objectives to measure their work in Leabank Square by.

What a bunch of plonkers!!


Anonymous said...

Hey Dude
I cannot believe this bunch of rascists is still allowed to continue working in the service industry?!
As we've heard in the tapes, and all heard when calling up - they have utter disdain for anyone 'foreign'.
Why did they ever even want to take on an estate in Hackney - only the most diverse borough in the UK!!
The tribunal should be a lot of fun!

Anonymous said...

Hey Sóna
Forget about PMMS dude, they'll be history soon. I know everyone wanted to get their feelings about them off their chests, but we'll soon cast them off into the sea to join some mystical island peopled by only their sort.
Once there, they'll happily whinge & moan about all those foreigners, asylum seekers, job-stealers & girl-friend seducers who came & took over their green & pleasant land. Of course, they'll still catch-up with how the est of the world is going to hell by having a Sun & Daily Mail subscription sent to the island.
pmms are the past, Leabank Square HAS a beautiful future!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Sóna

You know where it says on their website "With regard to gardening, cleaning and maintenance, it is our policy to have these duties carried out by separate contractors" - well that is a blatant lie!!

They use the same company that cleans your 2 blocks - as does the garden! So where is the saving money in that bit?!

These people couln't organise a fart in a bubble bath!


Anonymous said...

Yeah... and did you read the one about "To administer gardening, repair, maintenance, redecoration and emergency work on the Estate as required. This may include preparing work specifications, obtaining competitive quotations for these services, following up references and inspecting work done."?!?!

Whendo they EVER obtain competitive quotations?

They always send that creepy pervy guy to come & spend the whole day in his van talking on the mobile pretending to work charging us all extra when he deliberately breaks the lights so he has to return and fix them tomorrow!

Some competition!!

Ms Purple

Anonymous said...

Hi Sóna

I just got back from 4 nights duty at Homerton to find the latest pmms joke on my mat!

So what is the storage cupboard at the end of the corridor for, if not for storage?

And just who the hell are pmms to tell us how to live? I know we're getting rid of them soon, but I for one, need to see the back of them as soon as possible.

There is no way that I want the replacement management company to be a stelite company again. They have got to be local, and have got to be liasing with us constantly!

See you at the meeting!

Anonymous said...

Sóna - Try as you might mate - ur neva gonna find any of us hu gonna have a gd word to say about pmms!!
Dey useless - Mick

Anonymous said...

Just a quick question.....

has anyone ever been to any pmmms AGM? Has anyone ever known when any pmms AGM's have been held?

Please - I genuinely need to know.

Mr Blue

Anonymous said...

Hi Sóna
According to their website, the Company Secretary has to "Deal with general correspondence."

Just how do you measure "dealing"?

We send a letter asking them to deal with anti-social dog owners - they return a letter banning us from using our OWN storage cupboards!

Nice "dealing" dear Company Secretary"!!


Anonymous said...

Where does one start with this pmms lot?!

Extremely defensive on the phone - what have they got to hide?

Very bad at communications - either the secretary never passes messages on to Derek - or he deliberately doesn't reply.

Why IS he never available? What IS that about? He will NEVER be the one to answer the phone - and - consequently - never call you back?!

Unless there's money to be made out of something - nothing will be done about your query. A sticky door lock - no problem - call out his dodgy mate to come & charge us to fix it. A letter to be sent out to anti-social dog owners? - he won't touch it! No money in it!

In a way I'm sad to see them go without a major audit investigation - but to be honest - I just want rid of. End of!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Sóna
I know they're a nuisance at the moment, but they won't be around for too much longer.

Best we start talking about what it is EXACTLY we want from the succeeding company.

A full & open annual audit for a start, excellent communications, resident monitoring forms, evaluation forms for any maintainance work undertaken, bi-monthly meetings, and direct telephone numbers to the managers!

Basically - everything pmms were not!

Anonymous said...

Hello Sóna

I have lived on many estates before Leabank Square - and have had a few really bad management companies - but pmms are by far the worse!!

There is absolutely no professionalism in any of their dealings with Leabank Sqaure - and - it sounds like - some of their other clients!!

They need to be awarded the 'Worst Management Company in London' award by some Watchdog-style TV program!!


Anonymous said...


You won't have any shortage of seconders to nominate pmms for worst ever management comapny!

My own tales of woe (& yes, also VERY dodgy attitudes to anyone that doesn't match their idea of perct Englishpeople) will fill an entire blog! But then I've been here for yonks!!

Besides being BNP groupies, they simply cannot treat us residents with any ounce of respect, which is quite strange when you consider that we pay their wages.

Will ANYone miss them?

Methinks not!

Anonymous said...

My guess is that they don't come down to personally evaluate work carried out, because they can't stand to see people of all races living harmoniously together!

It makes them physically ill!

No probs! Soon, they never have to come here anymore.


Anonymous said...

Have you ever phoned to speak to Derek Leigh, and the receptionist actually goes through a charade of pretending like pmms is a multi-natioanl conglomerate?

She askes what it's regarding, then puts you on hold while she sees if he's 'in his office'.

It's as if his office is in the penthouse of some mega-corporate gherkin building - while the receptionist is many floors downstairs - far removed from the boss.

Meanwhile - as we all saw from the pics - they're in some pokey cupboard - a few feet from each other - pretending to be much larger than they are!!

If we weren't losing so much money through them - it might just be funny......


Anonymous said...

Hi Sóna

The biggest gripe anyone ever has about pmms is that they never ask/consult ANYONE before doing ANYTHING!

They simply THINK they know what's best for us 'oiks' here in Leabank Square - as if we 'multi-cultureds' haven't got the capacity to think of what's best for ourselves.

Besides being just IGNORANT & RUDE - it is so unproffesisonal! Something that Derek Leighs beloved Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors were really interested in hearing!

How come they treat Leabank Square with such utter contempt? What happened to this man in his early life, that he is such a rude and unproffesional manager?

Anonymous said...

That's it in a nutshell!

Derek Lee wakes up any morning, decides that Leabank Square hasn't heard from him in a while, plucks an idea from nowhere, orders his minions over to deal with it, 'forgets' to inform or consult us, and thinks he's a great manager.

We all know VERY different!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Dude

I see that pmms came & took the stuff away ANYWAY!!! Even after we wrote them a letter!

The arrogance of this bunch of aholes never ceases to amaze me!

Still, at least they have given us permission to use these rooms as garden storage. Very big of them huh?!


Anonymous said...

So even after he met with you guys, I see that there has been nothing done!
No comments to some of the subjects raised here, no re-positioning of the front 2 planters, no general letters to the squares dog owners, no contacts for the front 2 blocks, no gates on the green attended to, nothing about anything?

As a relatively new Leabanker - I thought some of the comments up here were a bit far fetched, but it's been about 3 weeks now hasn't it? No wonder there has been all this ill feeling towards pmms!

Anonymous said...


I know I've only been here a couple of years, but it's been enough to tell that the only work that goes on in Leabank Square is you people in the Leabank Square Community Association.

I occasionally see a guy mowing the green, but other than that, I'm not too sure what I'm paying my service charge for!

The sooner this pmms company get kicked out the better!

Anonymous said...

Hi Sóna

Any news on the management agent for our block yet? Has that Derek Lee even botherd to get back in touch with the committee, or has he reverted back to type, and completely ignored us again?
I wonder if he's even attempted to answer some of the questions we've all asked him?

Anonymous said...

Hi all,

I also have the same problem with PMMS and we leave under the same management services provider. PMMS has the contract under ATHOL SQUARE E14 Bow and they never reply to our calls for the last year and we want to change them for another provider. They are clearly on breach of contract and it is just a mater of time when we will prove it. The so called "painters or decorators" Mick and Sean seams to be wining every contract for the last 18 years. There must be some friendship involved with Derek J Lee including his wife Valerie K Lee as partner and secretary. They just increased the annual charges and the square is a mess and getting worse. If anyone wants any information and confirmation about you are very welcome to contact me on 07725797713 ( Lionel)

Anonymous said...

just thought id google the company that looks after the flat im living in (EDGWARE, MIDDLESEX) as after the 6th year an the 6th increase in payment im starting to get a little bit suspicious of them as i cant tell what there spending all the money on an stumbled across this blog... would love to know what they actually do for all this money they charge us as all the paperwork we received could be easily manipulated to show you what they want.. the