Thursday, 8 October 2009

Bugs of Leabank Square - Grasshopper

Can you believe what we saw in Leabank Square this morning?!

An amazing grasshopper!!!

This is additional proof that our greening of Leabank Square is definitely working! Well done to all in the Gardening Club!!

So far we have only seen just this lovely specimen - so please let us know if you spot any others.

This is a common and widespread grasshopper found in coarse grass in moist situations. It is often abundant in parkland, meadows (we found it in our wildflower meadow) and along woodland rides.

This one is a male as they are olive brown - and the females always have a dorsally green top bit.


Lucy said...

I get loads of these in the grass outside my flat at the end of summer.

I actually found a newt in my hallway the other day. We took him to the middle and put him down there.

Martin K said...

Beautiful pictures.

Mary said...

I agree with Martin, how did you get so close? But I recognise Leabanks wildlife anywhere. Hey, thanks fior highlighting the smaller residents of Leabank Square every now and then. We all deserve a shout, even the spiders.