Thursday, 8 October 2009

Time for Leabank Square Sunflowers to Set

This Sunday - 11 October 2009 - the Leabank Square Gardening Cub is meeting on the green to collect seeds, dig up the sunflowers and plant Spring 2010 bulbs!!

Please join us at 11am as we say good-bye to our glorious sunflowers!!

All summer long they shone brightly, cleaned our soil, children had fun - and at the moment they are busy providing much needed winter fattening food for our garden birds.

But all amazing things come to an end - so please come and join us on Sunday. Refreshments and tools will be provided.


Mary said...

What a sad day!!
Thanks for making Leabank Square look so beautiful all summer long. I loved the yellow, bright, sunny atmosphere it gave the whole place.
They could have come down a bit sooner. I know we were feeding the birds before winter, but some of them starting looking a bit manky.
Please plant loads more next year. Thanks to the Club.

Anonymous said...

Next year you could sow some commercial birdseed sunflower seeds around the plants you grow from the "quality" flower seeds, so as to bulk up the display without it costing too much (or harvest your own, if the birds have left any!).

Maria said...

Sóna, Owen is absolutely right. Have you seen how many seedlings have sprouted under the bird feeders? They won't stand a chance in the coldest winter months, but at the moment they look no different from the seedlings we planted to get this years lovely garden.
Please pass my thanks to the whole Gardening Club for the beautiful yellow summer they gave the square.

Debbie said...

Hi Sóna
I just got back from Prague last night and woke up to the missing sunflowers this morning! Oh please tell me that you guys will plant another lot next year? They really made a difference to all our lives.