Monday, 12 October 2009

Spring Bulb Planting in Leabank Square

Thanks to the most amazing residents for turning out on Sunday morning to say goodbye to our beautiful sunflowers - and to plant incredible spring bulbs.
And besides a few spots of rain - it was a lovely day. Made all the more lovely with Nadira's home made Hackney Marsh Apple Pie!
Thank you everyone!


Su said...

Sona, it looks really bare an naked without the beautiful sunflowers! Please say that they're coming back next year!

Mary said...

sniff, sniff sniff.
Please bring some colour back to the green soon.

Matt3 said...

No! Please bring the sunflowers back. We need all the colour we can get this winter.

Derek said...

I think so too. With all the buidling work going on all around us we need as much colour as we can get. The yellow of the sunflowers is the happiest colour there is. More next spring please.

Paul said...

I know the daffs will look goog, but they are a bit short aren't they? I've always thought that the green needed a bit of height, a bit of architectural scale.
Not everything as high as the sunflowers were, but many different sizes.
I know, I know, we don't have any money. But if we all just clubbed in, or all bought a packet of seeds and handed them over to you to nurture in the nursery, then maybe we can achieve this?