Thursday, 1 October 2009

Memory Marathon

Did you cry for Paula in Athens?
Jump for joy for our rowers in Sydney?
Who was your favourite, Olga or Nadia?
Were you watching Munich in ‘72?
Do you know what a Fosbury Flop is?
And who can forget Usain Bolt’s record-breaking 100 metres?

You may have watched the Olympics over the years from your sofa or even a stadium seat. Your memories may be cloudy or crystal clear. Whatever you remember, You are invited to share it on film.

Come and take part in the ‘Memory Marathon’ and pass the baton on!

On Saturday November 7th 2009, artist Simon Pope will be filmed walking a 26 mile route around the five Olympic host boroughs. Over 100 people will accompany him along short sections of the route, sharing their standout personal memories of the Olympics.

Could you or someone you know, be one of them?

You don’t have to be a sports person or anyone special to take part. They are open to ALL types of stories – personal or professional, trivial or profound. By living in Leabank Square - you already qualify.

Do something different: have a go! Its your chance to be part of a unique experience, meet new people, share your stories and star in a film! Its easy to get involved: Just send them an email soon, marked ‘Pass Me the Baton!’ with your name and phone number to Mel & Anna, the Participation Co-ordinators at: Or send a text (with your name), saying, ‘Pass Me the Baton!’ to: 07957 433 234.

Come on Leabank Square - be a part of history!


Paul said...

Hi Sóna
Are you sure that they meant to ask anyone in Leabank Square to aprticipate?
Have they ever read the blog? Do they know anything about our history with them?
Still, it couldn't hurt to get some balance into this artistic piece.

N said...

Hey Nadira
I might be up for this. Any excuse to get on telly me.

Anonymous said...

Sona, in the end "I was 1 of the 104" who did the Memory Marathon. These people turned out to be a really decent bunch and I think was an honest enterprise, not just a bit of Olympics tat.

It was a very interesting project. Simon Pope, the artist who did the Marathon walk round the five boroughs was genuinely interested in the idea of recording people's memories at a particular moment in a part of London that's changing for ever.

All sorts of people from every kind of background and origin were involved, it was one of the most genuinely diverse enterprises I've been involved in, and all the more effective because it didn't feel contrived and everybody was enjoying taking part.

The project was organised by the Arts Council Video and Film Umbrella people who did the filming and they were a very competent and conscientious lot. (I got a sneaking suspicious feeling that the ODA was piggybacking on somebody else's (really) hard work but you know my views anyway.)

Film and Video Umbrella are putting together a film which is going to be shown in each of the five boroughs next spring - I'll keep you informed, because I think the route was going along the canal, but anyway it all had such a good feel to it I'm sure it will be worth watching.