Monday, 1 February 2010

Leabank Square - A Tale of Two Hedges

Nothing shows the madness of the many separate managing companies here in Leabank Square better than our hedges!

If you stand on the other side of Berkshire Road and look at our square - you see what I mean.

On the right hand side (Hamilton King) the hedge is beautiful and green - if somewhat unkempt. On the left hand side (Newlon Housing Trust) the hedge has been massacred! It is all woody with some green on top.

Then the entrance in between has cracked paving from all the cars parked on the sidewalks. How much longer are we all going to accept these varying and unprofessional management companies neglecting the WHOLE square?!


Matt said...

Hey guys
I agree it looks bad! All our visitors have commented on them. Thankfully the gardens are looked after. But it's the cars in the entrance that really get me going. Some days we have to go into the road to get out of our own square!

Anna said...

Hi! Thanks for the newsletter today, it was a pleasant surprise amongst all the bills when I got home. This entrance situation is very bad. I can't get out of the door sometimes because their are so many cars coralled outside it. Can't they plant bollards along the pavement?

Su said...

Maybe we can chat to the managing agents about this when the meeting is held.

Paul said...

You know, I knew the entrance looked wierd, but it was only when you pointed the hedge out that I realised what was wrong.
How did we end up with so many management companies anyway? All the other estates are managed by a single agent.
We definetly need to sort this out.

Mary said...

Says it all about the mangement agents dunnit? When will they realise that whatever one does, affects the entire square. They cannot continue to do things in isolation.

Mohamed said...

Hi Sóna, this is almost spot-on. It might be 2 hedges, but there are 2 many managers.

Vic and Aleesha said...

Excellent newsletter guys. We're new here, and would love to become involved. We were very impressed with the beautiful sunflower display last year, as well as the open days on the canal. Thank you.
Vic and Aleesha

Dee said...

It's nice to read all about the gardening. Thanks. I look forward to getting the consultation stuff as well. Please could we have more of those lovely sunflowers again this year.

Isa said...

Hi you2.
We enjoyed your newspaper, so tahnk you. I too would like to request more sunflowers this year, maybe a bit shorter. Maybe we need to trim the other hedge to the same as the 'massacred' one, to make them even.

Matt said...

Sona this is what I was really talking about at the meeting last week but didn't make my point clear enough. These plonkers who mismanage Leabank must be got rid.

Adam said...

It's not just the hedges that look wierd, it's also the lawns inside the square. The L&Q lawn is nicely fenced off, but the HK one has one sad looking chain linking only 2 of the bollards. It seems like HK are the worst of all the agents in the square. We all have to walk past it in order to get in & out of the square, so why don't they sort it out. There's a lovely resident in the end flat who makes such a lovely effort to brighten up our lives with a beautiful garden, but s/he is sadly let down by his/her managing agent.