Thursday, 9 September 2010

Olympic Catering Centre will be MASSIVE!!!!

Thanks to Matt who told me about the poster on the Gardening Club noticeboard yesterday! Otherwise I would never have found out about this. According to Georgina (ODA PR person) we were supposed to have had a leaflet drop about toady's bit of spin a few days ago. Once again - someone messed up!

Anyway - I squoze a few minutes over there today - and we are in for a MASSIVE shock when the journo's catering facility & satellite compound are built next year!

It will come right up to the road - and get this - will be double the height it is now!! No wonder they gave us such short notice to come & check it out today!?!
Anyway - this is all in the name of so-called 'consultation'. We all know that the Olympic planners have to submit their plans to........... the Olympic Delivery Authority. So - whatever we say - doesn't ever mean a thing anyway. But - as usual - feel free to try the usual channels to voice your concerns.


Derek said...

Dude I didn't even see the poster! Why was this done so sneakily? Anyway, thanks for the chat as well. Absolutely incredible isn't it? The whole of London gets the lovely architecture, and us Hackney Wick oiks get the arse-end 24 hour portakabin catering centre to look at!
I loved the story of the PR luvvie being proud of the whole worlds journos being treated to the beautiful sights & diesel smells of a car park as their Big Entrance to the London 2012 Olympics! Lol!!

Anna said...

Cheers guys. It will probabaly be up for about 2 years as well. I can't think of anything more disgusting to stare at for so long!
And why the stealth? Maybe they are rightfully embarrassed about treating their neighbours like this?

Anonymous said...

Hey Matt, I know we are keeping the towpath thing to emails only, but shouldn't we do a similar camapaign against thsi as well? It is an outrage! I'll speak to you tomoz

Anonymous said...
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Mohamed said...

Hi Guys
How come we didn't get any flyers on this side? Whats up with these peaople? For 'community liason' pro's they don't act too liasony.

Tony said...

Shona, thanks for the email. I never knew about it either. Some 'community' team huh?! Anyway, let's chat about the size of the catering thing when we have the towpath meeting. Is there time on the agenda?

Tom said...

Me too Tone. Whoever these new people they spoke about delivering the leaflets is, they're ripping the oda off man.
So, what we gonna do about this new ikea warehouse opposite us?

Anonymous said...
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Fi said...

Cheers for the update. Looks HORRIBLE! I vote we do a towpath on the catering block as well. See you Sunday.

Su said...

Why didn't FM tell us about this meeting well in advance?! The poster is still there flapping about in the wind, but ONE DAY?!? We all need a lot more notice than that to arrange cover for kids, etc.
As to the pics you sent us? Well that size & design is typical of the way that the olympics have always treated us. The poorest relation to the olympic park will always get the crappest blocks of warehouse to stare at for years!
Why does Pipe let this happen?!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

How arrogant of this bunch to think they can simply plomp more warehouses right in front of us?!
Haven't they done enough?

Paul said...

Just seen the email thanks. I'm not that surprised I must say. They've always treated us this way, why change now?
Let's get this towpath thing out the way first, and then we'll attack this bunch shall we?

Mary said...

This is messed up man. First, I never even saw any leaflet. Second, the catering thing looks humoungous! What are we gonna do about it.

Anonymous said...
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Mike said...

Sona, is this all a cert? If so where was the running it by all of us? A days notice up on the notice board is not exactly the fairest way to ask our opinion is it? Can we appeal?

Anonymous said...

Tried to call you but I guess you were gardening today. Please don't let anything out of the bag at the meeting tonight ok?

Anonymous said...

Sóna, thanks for the email, sounds like a con to me. Will is their nicest guy. Please don't ley anyone be fooled, we've still got lots of very hard work to do.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Sympathy, for what it's worth.