Thursday, 16 September 2010

Leabank Square Map

Following up from many of the comments made during the last Leabank Square Garden Survey - we have finally saved up enough re-cycled material to make our very own........

Leabank Square Map!!!

Made mostly from estate agent for sale signs - the map shows the geography of Leabank Square - as well as loads of useful information for all of us. Things like our community associations chairs, managing agents contact details, what to do if you want to get rid of a bed or sofa, etc.

But the map is designed to be altered & changed easily - so if you have any additional info you may want up there - please send us an email.

Thanks to Dee, Joe & Lauren who have already given us very positive feedback - even before the map was up!!!

Anyway - just in time for the Hackney Wick Festival - please enjoy the latest addition to the Leabank Square Gardens!!


Matt said...

Wow guys! Can I please add my name to the list of very impressed peeps? This is a lovely addition to Leabank, especially someone who just moves in.
And the design is beautiful. Well done!

Anonymous said...


Tom said...

Nadira & Sóna. As I turned into leabank I saw the great sign and knew that you woulda made it. I checked up here and sure nuff you did. I'm gonna take the dog 4 a walk and study it closer. Thanks Tom

Anna said...

Just what we needed!! Excellent idea!! Perfect pitch of info & humour. If I had just moved into Leabank, this is exactly what I would've loved to've seen. Thanx.

Tony said...

It looks like a work of art as well as a useful info point. This is how I like my art. Thanks for doing this for all of us.

Pete said...

What a lovely idea? All other estates have one, so why not us? I know I'm knitpicking, but can we also have some alternative political parties up there too? How about a local Green & SWP contact as well? I know there's not too much space - but a bit more impartiality might lead to a good thing.

Niels & Joy said...

Love it!! The UPS delivery guy loves it as well! He paid you a great compliment while I signed for my parcel a few minutes ago. I think we should have some more of these dotted all over the Wick. But maybe Sweet Toof will get his grubby spaycans all over them.

Paul said...

We are finalleeee an estate! How come we never had one anyway? On the day we came to view our flat, I circled twice before I found our block.
Thanks guys.

Su said...

I didn't see it last night for some reason, but just saw it now. Really lovely. Thanks for it. Nothing to add - it's just perfect.

Jo said...

It's a lovely addition to the notice board. Thanks to everyone who made it. I love that it was made out of those horrid estate agent adverts. Thanks

Richard said...

Nice! Can we have one over the road in Trowbridge please?

Matt2 said...

And just in time for the festival as well. I echo all the positive poits above, thanks for putting us all firmly on the map.

Mohamed said...

I was one of those who asked for a map in the last garden survey, so thanks for listening. You took your time, but it was well worth the wait mate.

Derek said...

Yeah Nadira & Sóna. Thanks for actually taking our views on board. It's nice to answer questionairs, and to see some results for a change. I cannot think of a single olympic suggestion of mine ever been taken seriously. Let's keep Leabank Square completely independent as long as we can.
Thanks again.

McGregor Family said...

Hi Leabank Square
We visited your lovely square today and were very impressed with this lovely recycled map and notice board. Please could you tell us who made it as we would love one for our cul-de-sac in Homerton. I've added our email, but please could you hide it on the comments section.
Thanks for the swap-shop, we got a lovely mirror for our daughters room.
The McGregors

Paul said...

Cool map dude. How long did THAT take? You shoulda drawn my van in as well. It looks great man. I bet the postie likes it as well.

Anne said...

Hello Shona. I saw the map 4 the 1st time yesterday at the festival. I normally just go left when I get home. It is lovely! How about one 4 our side 2.

Anonymous said...

Really impressive. Leabank leads the way!