Thursday, 30 September 2010

Purple Garden Open Day!!

By now everyone should have got their invite to the open day up in the Purple Riverbank Garden - this Sunday 3rd October 2010 @ 11am.

Remember back in Spring when the Leabank Square Gardening Club consulted the whole square about the gardening? Well amongst some other excellent suggestions - notice boards, maps, extra bins, shorter flowers, etc - was an open day for all residents to come & see the Purple Riverbank Garden.

Well......... The 1st phase of the garden is complete, and the time has come to show every resident just what goes on up there.

Among the things you'll find out is

> How to apply for a key to the garden
> What are the terms & conditions
> More about the recycling project
> How sustainable the garden is
> What we are growing in the nursery
> What are the plans for the future

Unfortunately - we have seen a weather forecast - and it looks filthy!! But we have got a brilliant marquee to shelter under - with some delicious soup & bread to help keep warm. This will be at the bottom of the stairs. Thanks also to Tom who helped plan this site.

We will also be making seed bombs for blowing up the whole of Hackney Wick with wildflower meadows. This activity is even more exciting as it is a partnership with another community garden (
) - similar to the previous ones with the Mabley Green Meadow ( & DigFood ( in Viccie Park. The more we link all our local community gardens up - the better this planet will be!

Aaaaaanyway........ Be brave this Sunday - come out of your doors & up to the Purple Riverbank Garden - you're going to have great fun.


Tony said...

Can't wait gang! Should we all meet up about a half-hour before the rest of the square turns up? Just to decide who's doing what?
I hope the rain doesn't put many people off. We've put so much into it - be a pity not to show it off to everyone!

Paul said...

Shona, just got the RSS on this, thanks. I can also start at 10 10.30ish if that helps. Whats a bit of rain anyway?

Anna said...

Brilliant! I sometimes completely forget about the riverbank cos we can't see it from our block at all. Come rain or shine, we'll be there.

Tom said...

Hi gardening club. Me nan is visiting on sunday, so can we bring her as well please? She makes a mean soup as well, so shout if you need extra help. Cheers. Tom

Anonymous said...

MMMMmmmmm delicious veggie soup made fresh from our garden. Mouths watering already! C U There.

Debs said...

Morning Leabank. Nice to see good news in my inbox when i get in at work. Budgets, deadlines, meetings, performance reviews - whats this - the Purple Garden Open Day?
Excellent! Only thing is we are going out on Sat night, so knock us up about 1 o clock if you haven't seen us ok?

Dirk said...

Hi, thanks for the flyer, I'll try & get back from Homerton in time for the seedbombing bit - but save us a cupasoup if you can as well please.

Derek said...

Rain? You aint seen nuthin mate! We'll be there even if we have to swim over.

Su said...

Call me a wuss, but I saw the forecast & I'm staying put. I'll send the little un out with some pumpkin for the soup, but I aint standing under some soggy tarpauling making bombs. Have a good day though.
If the bombs need throwing over the olympic electric fence on a sunnier day tho, I'll be there.

Anonymous said...

I hope you're going to be a bit careful with these seedbombs. Understanding the urban ecology is as important as any area of biodiversity research, more so when the city is your home and your natural environment. Some ornamentals will bring colour to a dull site. Others may invade, colonise and compete, with all sorts of consequences (remember the cautionary history of the victorian gardeners' enthusiasm for Japanese knotweed). By all means cheer the place up, but be sure you know what you're doing.

Emma said...

Oh why can't the sunny today be here tomorrow. Price you pay living on an island I suppose. Anyhow - if my shift finnishes on time (sorry, I'm laughing my head off here!) then I'll be back in LS for the event. If not, save us a soup please.

Anonymous said...

Good morning. And what a glorius one it is as well. Even if there are a few drops tomorrow, it is ALWAYS good to get neighbours talking around a project. Lets gp for it.

Tony said...

Hello guys, If we get all the bikes in their right positions early enough, I'll be back for the seed bombing.

Paul said...

Hi guys - don't we sound like a bunch of in-jokers? I think it's worth mentioning again that ALL the residents in Leabank Square are more than welcome to come up to the Riverbank & see what we've been up to for the last year.
Please EVERYONE - don't let the rain put you off - come on up.