Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Birds of Leabank Square - Pied Wagtail

Just look at this amazing pair of Pied Wagtails captured yesterday! They were having a great lot of fun on the roof of the Family Mosaic Terrace. Then they flew down on to the green - where they carried on wagging about.

Thanks to everyone who has planted more trees in the terraces gardens. This has definitely brought some more birds back to Leabank Square. As a result of the summer garden survey - we are in the process of obtaining permission from PMMS (the management company in charge of the green) to plant a few trees on the green. This is the only estate in the whole of the wick that has so few trees growing in it.

For all the most common sensical reasons we need a few more trees to make our lives here a bit more pleasant. But also for these beauties up here!

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Tony said...

Hi you 2
Just surfing the old threads and saw the one about the bird boxes. Do you still have any left over? If so, can I please have first dibs on one of them?

Anna said...