Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Lea River Voted 4th Worst!

The Lea River has just been voted the 4th Worst River in England & Wales by the members of the RSPB. It is no surprise that the aspect commented most about - is the pollution.

We see this every day. All day long there is flotsam & jetsam flowing by Leabank Square. Of course, we have always notified British Waterways whenever there has been a particularly bad pollution spill - but we can do our bit too. Whenever we are up in the Purple Garden on the riverbank - if you see anything floating by close to the bank - please safely retrieve it - and bin it.

It might seem a small insignificant floating pop bottle - but it all adds up.

In the meanwhile - I wonder what the Olympic Delivery Authority feel about hosting the 2012 games along the 4th worst river in England & Wales?




Tony said...

thought them lot at the olympics were gonna clean it up? what happened?
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Anonymous said...

No, they weren't actually. They were going to dredge the waterworks river, which happened. The river is disgusting.

Anonymous said...

I saw a ded fish the other day, it had 3 eyes. Well, it cud of been an eye. It was all like big and dead an stuff. I think it might of bin a mutant. Ha.