Saturday, 6 November 2010

The Olympics Have Stolen Our Sunrise!!!


Can you believe how long the suns rays take to make it into Leabank Square in the morning these days?!

The absolutely disgusting & hideous Olympic media centre sits in front of us like a giants discarded fridge - and the solid toilet block of a handball centre - both squat in the suns path.

But it is now - in winter - that we feel it most! In the much reduced daylight hours of winter - the sun rises a full half an hour later at moment - what's it going to be like around the winter equinox?!

Of course - we have had no choice about any of this - but the fact that the Olympics own planning department passed these most hideous buildings for the Hackney Wick end of the Olympic Park - means that we have to stare at these monstrosities for many decades to come - instead of being gently woken up with beautiful sunrises.

They spent most of their design budgets on the main entrance buildings, the velodrome, aquatic centre, and the stadium. For the Hackney Wick side - they went for the cheapest, kit-box warehouses they could find.

Lets just all hope that these buildings produce many jobs for Hackney Wick residents after the games!!

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Leabank Square said...

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Matt said...

Sona, I know there is nothing we can do about the buildings being there, but maybe after the ODA have moved on, we can work with the Legacy Co to redesign the buildings. They need to understand that the Wick cannot accept the worst designs just because we are in the poor end of the olympic park.

Derek said...

Hey Guys, I knew I was feeling down these last few weeks in the mornings, and now I know whats been causing it.
Its so true about the sun not getting in to our homes any more. Here on the ground floor it simply moves around before it used to shine in, so we have absolutely no rays in the mornings any more.

Anonymous said...

I think you need to make sure the architecture profession generally are aware of how much you appreciate what their members have done for you. Who are the architects of the Media Centre? Why not do a Leabank Square feature on them and call on them and RIBA to justify what they've done to you?

Anonymous said...

See if you can spot what's the missing at e-architect:

Anonymous said...

let's be honest, the photos are not taken from the same position and the notion that you do not get sun anymore in the morning is ludicrous.