Sunday, 7 November 2010

Throw, Pitch, Hurl, Toss, Drop...Seed Bombs in the Wick

Seed Bombs + Guerrilla Gardeners = Springtime Explosion!!

Today a fantastic bunch of locals got together to embark on a Hackney Wick seed bombing walk! The route started at Mabley Boulder and ended at the A12 pedestrian bridge. All along the way, we deposited our magical bombs which will transform our chosen path into a corridor of colour by next summer!

A few weeks ago our good friend Andreas Lang from Public Works suggested that the Leabank Square gardeners and Abbey Gardens collaborate on a seed bombing project which would follow the sunflower avenue project from a few years back.

So a bunch us got to together to create a big, stylish pile of seed bombs, mainly with the aid of Andreas’s specially designed moulds and magical seed press.

The seeds were harvested from Abbey Gardens in Stratford, Mabley Green Meadow and Leabank Square Meadow, making this a truly collaborative effort! Some of the flowers included in the seed bomb mix were poppies, cornflowers, campion and phacelia. All native wildflowers, which the bees will simply adore next summer!

As we walked, tossed, hurled and surreptitiously placed our seed bombs all over the Wick, we had great fun finding new places to leave our seed packages. So keep your eyes peeled next spring and you may just spot our trail!

If seed bombing wasn’t enough, we also ventured in fixing up the dilapidated planter on the corner of Prince Edward Road. We sawed and screwed, weeded and planted until we felt we had done our bit in mending a broken friend. So if you ever find yourself passing by the planter, please show a bit of love and water or even plant in something nice for all of us to enjoy.

An enormous thank you to everyone who joined us today and helped re-establish a natural link between Mabley Green and Victoria Park. And an especially big thank you to our young Guerilla Gardeners, Rhea, Tilly, Saul, Safiri, Ava and Shanthi!!


Matt said...

Sorry I couldn't make it guys, but thanks for the pile of bombs. I lobbed mine close to midnight the day after. Got a few suspicious glances from local yobs though!

Anonymous said...

It looks like it was a jolly day, but Phacelia a native genus? Heliotrope?

Keesha said...

Hi gang. Although pregnant hackneyites kept me from bombing, I have followed the route with a 99p Shop box of 'Wlidflower Mix'.
Here's to Spring.

Anonymous said...

I have forwarded the photographs showing vandalism, especially on the building materials to the council, and the owner of the materials. Cheers.