Monday, 28 February 2011

Anish Kapoor About to Peep Over

We should start to see the Anish Kapoor Helterskelter rising above the handball court any day now.


We have been passing the amazing construction the past few weeks now – and it seems to be going up at a rate of knots!

Like it or not – it is the only bit of architecture in the entire Olympic park (from Leabank Square’s vantage) not looking like an Ikea warehouse! It is also the tallest structure in the park – which is why we will be able to see it – even though it’s the furthest on from us.

Anyway – look out of your windows in the next few weeks – and see who will be the first to spot the distinctive red steel tower.


Lucy said...

How awful.

Anonymous said...

I think Kapoor's creation is the final insult for London.

Ask yourself, is any aspect of this aberration remotely related to any aspect of London, Britain or its history?

The BBC seems to be revelling in its new updated £22,000,000 price tag* - in the same week that Barts & The London NHS Trust is to cut 1,000 jobs.

The steel comes from an Indian company based in Luxembourg. ArcelorMittal's CEO is also a non-exec director of Goldman Sachs which received a $14billion bailout in the US.

*originally to cost £19.1M in March 2010

Anonymous said...

We should be grateful to Kapoor for endowing us with this magnificent reminder that artists today are part of the entertainment industry that services the image of the corporatist network - like the Olympics. We're never going to be allowed to forget.

Anonymous said...


I for one welcome our new overlords ;)

Anonymous said...

You won't be saying this when the great unwashed of newham descend upon it and grafitti all over the sodding thing will you?

I think it should be torn down before the cost goes up anymore. But then again, Indian steel?! Hrmmmm. It will probably fall down itself like their structures did for the Commonwealth Games last year...

In fact, Anish if you are reading this, why don't you go play with it elsewhere. It looks like a giant cock!