Thursday, 17 February 2011

Vigilantes? Police? Guards? Security?

I swear the pic above has not been photoshopped.

Q.What are we to call people who ride around in an Olympic vehicle called Vigilant?
A. Olympic Vigilantes.

The new name for the Olympic patrol boat is Vigilant! You can't make it up can you?

Long ago I asked the community liaison person what the point of the Olympic patrols were - and she said that it was 'just a presence'. Whatever that meant.

The black jacket that Pokemon left right next to the electric fence as a test - was prodded a bit - but then just left. It has been there for 39 days now - and still just lies next to the fence.

What purpose do these vigilantes serve? Why are they actually patrolling our border with the Olympic Park? What use do they have?

If they were patrolling inside the park - then you could understand that they were guards for the building equipment - which would probably cost a few pounds.

But they are on our river, on our towpath, on our cycle path. What are we meant to think about that? If they picked up litter (or large 'discarded' jackets) - now then - they would have a use.


Keesha said...

boats name say it all

Mohamed said...

I knew it man. Buncha vigilantes!

Fiona said...

nuff said

Matt said...

There's nothing like rubbing our noses in it is there?

Anonymous said...
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Superlegato said...
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Tony said...

Hi Supergelato
They've just sped by in their orangemobile while texting away. Fat lot of spying they're doing on their mobiles huh?!

Su said...

Sóna why do this lot go so fast as well. Their wash causes a lot of damage to our riverbank reedbeds. Could you get British Waterways on to them?

Anonymous said...
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Tom said...

Exactly WHAT is their point? Remember when they used to march past with their dobermans? Right bunch of jackboots.

Superlegato said...
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Owen said...

Have you found out from the police what specific devolved powers and duties these people have outside the Olympics Park site itself?

Paul said...

Good point Owen. Sóna do you still go to those CAP police meetings? I know they were under threat from the cuts, but if you still chat to any of them, maybe have a chat will you?
Actually, are you even still on speaking terms with them after that heavy handed plod came knocking?

Anonymous said...
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Fiona said...

Also, do they HAVE to look into our bedroom windows as they go by? What have we got in our bedrooms thats such a threat to the olympics?

Superlegato said...
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Anonymous said...

Perhaps you all forget that these men are the front line if terrorists decide to 'drop in'. They are there so that you can sleep in your beds at night and are prepared to put their lives on the line for you for a measly salery. How many of you would be willing to work 12 hours per day on the water in all weathers!!!!

Su said...

I see anonymous is back. Fat lot of good these 'front line' vigilantes are doing for my bed at night when they aren't even patrolling at night. But hey, at least my bed is in Leabank Square and not in the athletes village.

Anonymous said...

Dear frends,
I completely disagree about noise and pollution patrol boats. Hosting a olympic is a very risk business ... if it went well than its pride for nation, if not it will be a shame. In a current situation of British involment in afganisthan, hosting olympic is becoming even more highly risky considering there may be terrorist threat and sabotage by enemy of nation. They will try their every possible means to create chaos during such an international event. Therefore we have to be able to implement every possible security measures before hand.Nothing should be taken as granted. I'm also an environment loving person but for the sake of national pride we as a British can compensate a little bit.

Thank you

Anonymous said...

I think the boat what patrols around the waterways is a great idea. You should all be grateful and be nice to them.

They are nice People you should say hello at some point.

Anonymous said...

I think the colour is nice plus the boat gives a good image to the Olympics

Well said above they are nice people driving that orange security boat they helped me before when I was lost.

Keesha said...

Sóna I don't care about the colour of the boat, the viglantes inside, or how nice they're supposed to be.
But I do care that they look into my bedroom window as they go past all the time.
On Wednesday evening they even shone one of their spotlights into my bedroom!
So can 'anonymous' please come & experience what me & my kids are experiencing from these vigilantes - and then comment.


Bill said...

Maybe you should speak to the ODA about it all.

What time did they shine the spotlight in your bedroom?

It don't sound good.


Anonymous said...

It's BW waterways NOT yours


Anonymous said...

But it's a nice Color what makes up for it all.

Ben said...

So can you tell my why you are taking photos of them for???


Darrel said...

i went past leabank in my house boat last week.

and people from there where looking into my home.

it's this the same thing???