Monday, 28 February 2011

Leabank Square Meeting 22.02.11

Last week’s Leabank Square Community Association was a bit same old, same old. No chairing to speak of – so as usual – a very chaotic agenda.

But there were some interesting things that came out of it:

1. Ian’s back!! Remember Ian who used to do all the gardening for PMMS? Well – he’s back from Spain – and we’ve been chatting about how to improve the gardens in Leabank Square – so watch this space.

2. The Newlon rep – Saud Ahmad – came along to the meeting. Let’s hope that Hamilton King will do the decent thing and grace us with their presence as well.

3. Matt brought along Andrew Boff from the London Assembly – for a very interesting take on local politics – especially how to set up a Parish Council.

4. Vicki & Rowan talking about a crook bench on the green being used in their exciting ‘Superfix’ art project.

5. The muf (
) presentation for Hackney Wick.

6. The feedback from the last resident survey – which led to a re-discussion about the car park.

This last point is a very interesting point. The money for the change to our car-park is coming from the Olympic Delivery Authority (ODA) – supposedly as ‘compensation’ for all the noise, dust & disruption we have had to put up with over the last few years.

The common consensus seems to be that we use it for some sort of barrier or boom across the entrance to the square. This is supposedly to deter any other drivers from using our car park to park for free in.

There are also some of us who do not like having Leabank Square barriered-off from the rest of Hackney Wick – but are apparently out-voted. Democracy huh?! But the even more scarier prospect of having raised service charges is putting even more residents off. Sure the ODA are doing their little PR stint in compensating us for the horrible few years they are putting us through – but they have less than a year to exist.

Then who pays for the barrier to be repaired every time a refuse truck bumps into it? Who pays when some kids swing from it too exuberantly? Who pays when someone reverses into it after being blocked in by two resident’s cars because the person they came to visit wasn’t in? Etc. etc.

If illegal parking is actually a problem – then Ian’s suggestion of an external car park policing company makes more sense. They can deal with persistent illegal parkers – and instead of using the ODA money for a barrier – we use it to re-tar & re-paint the car park. After all – it is their road sweeper that has swept all the paint off the road.

When the muf discussion went on to losing 5 parking spaces to Gainsborough School outside Lindi’s door – there was unanimous concern for legal precedence’s being set for tenants & residents.

Either there is a problem with day-time parking in Leabank Square – or not. I admit I mostly come home long after the working day has ended – but there are always loads of spaces when I cycle back into Leabank Square.

Another point was made to me about this ODA compensation. In past meetings, many residents along the terraces & in the Newlon & Hamilton King blocks have actually said that they haven’t been affected by the Olympic build. The 3 blocks up against the canal on the other hand – have definitely been in the thick of it. If the residents further into Leabank Square haven’t felt any need to seek compensation – surely the 3 canalside blocks should get the lion’s share? Interesting point no?

All in all – a shambolic meeting – but luckily this time Ian was there to give us the legal position on many points raised.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Lucy said...

Sorry but I have to say re-painting some lines and numbers on the road will do absolutely nothing to deter people from using the parking spaces.
Even the signs at the entrance do nothing.

We have lots of cars parking for the school run and I've also seen people who work in the Wick Cafe parking up for the day and walking out to work as all the roads are now double yellow's.
If you try to confront these people, you just get abuse thrown back at you.

I don't see why Leabank Square should be used as a parking lot for some of the Gainsborough staff when the car park opposite the Square is almost always empty. This is obviously due to it being for permit holders only.

Perhaps in the long run a gate would be too expensive, but something has to be done about it. I'm pretty sure the problem will continue to get worse.

Superlegato said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

How cum its only a few people whu get to decide 4 the whole leabank?

Anonymous said...

and how come they all white

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

What has race got 2 do with it? Everyone was/is invited to join the assoc

Anonymous said...

As far as I can recall, the invitation to join the residents association was sent to everyone. Whoever joined, joined. We can't complain about their race just because none of us joined.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

why you keep deleting me