Saturday, 5 February 2011

Hamilton King or PMMS - Who Is in Charge?

Stand on the opposite side of Berkshire Road and look at Leabank Square. Look to your right at the corrugated iron fence in the corner of the Hamilton King block.

Kids will be kids - and over the last few months - some of them have been using the wooden supports of the iron fence to help climb the tree. Well - it has finally broken - with the result that the fence is falling down.

Already 2 pedestrians have written to me having bashed their heads on the very sharp metal sticking out. I have referred them to the council. Each day the fence tips a bit lower onto the sidewalk. - so there will be more.

I have spoken to PMMS about this a few times - and Derek says that it's not PMMS's responsibility. But Hamilton King are also claiming they are not responsible.

My advice to any parents who have an injured child in the next few months - is to get the council to sort out the insurance costs between Hamilton King or PMMS. The council after all is responsible for the sidewalk - and that's where your child will fall.

In the meantime - if anyone in the Hamilton King block knows any friendly contacts in their management company - please get them onto this very serious accident waiting to happen.


Tony said...

Sóna theyre just as bad as each other. But at least we've had a bit more contact with that Lee geezer

D said...
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K said...
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Meerkat said...

I have recently been in contact with Hamilton King Management regarding the fence along Bershire Road and I had the following reply. They said that the part of the land on which the fence was located did not belong to them and was Crown property. Therefor they have written to the Local Council to fix the fence and keep the area clear. The number to call at the council if anybody wants to complain is: Hackney Council's Highways and Engineering Team on 020 8356 2897.
Although I don't buy the whole thing that the council should clear the rubbish, since I have personally witnessed the grounds keeper of Leabank Square, cutting down branches and just throwing them onto a heap in the corner! I think this is unacceptable.

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