Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Birds of Leabank Square - Coot

I know the swans are getting all the attention just now – but there is another family being created along the Purple Garden as well.

One of the bird world’s best recyclers – the Coot – has dragged a dumped mattress just a few metres from the swans nest – and have just laid 7 eggs!!

The eggs are slightly creamy (in colour! Don’t go frying any now will you?!) with black speckles. They’re about the same size as regular chickens’ eggs – and mum is very nervous.

If you do go up to the garden – please don’t get too close to the edge – as she gets off the nest at any disturbance.

But please do enjoy this beautiful spectacle right here under our noses! Leabank Square is encouraging all kinds of bio-diversity – in the face of monstrous adversity from across the canal. Well done everyone!


Anonymous said...

Very impressive recycling effort!

Su said...

Ahhhhhh what cute coots!!