Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Purple Garden Becomes Art!

Simon Grennan & Christopher Sperandio are 2 of today's more interesting artists & over the past few months they have been showing readers of the Hackney Gazette just who's who in Hackney Wick.

Last November Simon came down to Leabank square & spent a morning interviewing Nadira. The resulting artwork showed the vista all of us in Leabank Square used to see before the Olympics moved in.

Simon interviewed about 20 other residents in Hackney Wick - and got many different views from all over the Wick & Fish island.

It is great to see the Purple Garden getting a reputation for being part of London's Artistic Quarter.


Paul said...

Congrats you two. Thanks for putting Leabank on the map.

Tony said...

We are ART! Yayyyy!!!

Anna said...

Well done. But he didn't do you any justice Nadira. Next time just send a photo.

Anonymous said...

In case any of your visitors who remember Lesney would be interested:

Matt said...

Thanks for getting our lovely LBS such positive publicity Nadira. We really are the jewel in the Hackney Wick crown thanks to you and all the gardeners.
Well done.