Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Leabank Square Swans - Are Family!!!!

This morning 2 of the swans eggs hatched!!

There are still 2 eggs left on the nest - but the proud parents are as chuffed as can be.

We were amazed at how quickly dad took his cygnets out on to the water!! They were fussed over for about 6 hours - and then nervously took to the inside of the floating island for about an hour.

Then both parents slipped off the nest into the canal - and coaxed the little ones over the rim & into the water as well. This 1st swim lasted only a few minutes.

This was repeated a few hours later - when dad took them to the opposite side of the canal for a bit of a foraging lesson. After about a half an hour they all 3 came back to the nest for some more fussing.

We will let you know about the 2 other eggs as soon as anything happens.


Dora Flannigan said...

Thank you for keeping all the cyclists updated. I always wish that I could see them closer up and your blog does this for me.

They are adorable. Good luck with the next two.

Thanks again


Fiona said...

Ahhhhhh! So cuuuuute! I know I can't - but I just wanna hug them!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations all round, including you lot for helping the survivors get this far.

Marcus Davenport said...

Hi leabanksquare.blogspot.com
Another satisfied cyclist here. I've been following these swans since I saw them starting to build their nest.
I (like Owen above) applaud your dedication in helping this family get this far.
I once had to shout at some kids poking the penn with a stick through your fence.
Here's hoping that the two remaining eggs are fertilised and healthy.
Well done to you all.

Matt said...

I saw them this morning and I am in love. Such cute little ball of fluff! I still can't tell the difference between mum or dad, but whoever was there really gave me a loud hissssss!
Of course I backed off and watched from a distance.
I think we should be proud.

Nehar Begum said...

On my way in this morning I spoke to a gentleman who has been watching this family for a few weeks now. He is as proud as punch with the two new editions. Couldn't be prouder. This is exactly the kind of person I want to make friends with. A Hackney Citizen who takes time to smell the roses, or follow the progress of a couple of swans.
It makes living in Hackney all the more richer an experience.

Nehar Begum

Zee said...

How adorable! Well done to Sona & Nadira for doing all they can to protect them from the unsavoury characters in the Square.

Class 3B said...

What beauties?!

I made my whole class stop and take pictures when we rambled past. We are now back in the classroom and all of class 3B from Bonner Primary School send their best wishes to your swans.
Thanks for the website adress as well. It seems like a lovely little community you have there. Keep it up.

Tony said...

They look so healthy and happy. They make a very welcome addition to our Purple Garden. Well done all of us who leaned out of our windows shouting at vandals.

Tom said...

Nice one mate.

Beatrice Ogonokoro said...

I stopped by the nest on my cycle in and didn't see them. But as I rounded the corner at White Post Lane I saw the whole family snacking away on the algae.
They are such attentive parents, and I give the two cygnets every chance of becoming similar adults.
As for the remaining eggs, I hope they won't interferred with too much. I wonder if the fact that she keeps abandoning them for long periods of time means that she can't feel any movement inside them anymore?
Still, all credit to you guys in Leabank for getting two of them safely off to a good start. Well done.

Derek said...

I've just come home and took a gander. They are such a close knit family these swans aren't they?
We still need to keep an eye out for them though.

Anna said...

I haven't been able to make it up to the purple garden until now. They are so beautiful. How long do you think they stay on their nest? When do they all move on to other parts of the canal? Do they migrate? So many questions, but I'll enjoy them while they're still here anyway.

Keesha said...

Where they gone? Just took my youngest up to have alook and they not there? Everything alright?