Thursday, 30 November 2006

The fishing pond in Viccie Park is now fully stocked with all kinds of healthy specimens.

For anyone who hasn’t been down the road & over the bridge recently – the fishing pond had a beautiful landscaping done to it last summer. There are loads of decking areas to cast off from – and the fish they stocked up with last year should all have grown considerably.

There is nothing as relaxing as spending an afternoon at the lakeside – with a hot flask in winter – or a cool drink in summer. Time just drifts by & you feel the whole weight of the world lift off your shoulders.

As there are some very enthusiastic anglers from all around Viccie Park – you’ll never be short of friendly advice should you need it?

But also have a chat to some of your neighbours – there are loads of Leabankers who know a thing or two about fishing along our bankside as well – so they’ll give you loads of tips for catching ‘the Big One’.

Check out:

Just remember to take your camera – and record your massive catch for this blog-site – so that the rest of Leabank Square really has to believe you when you say it was ---------------------------------- this big!

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