Thursday, 30 November 2006

Hackney Wick Community Association

Why don’t you nip down Berkshire Road to the Old Baths one day MON to FRI: 9am - 10pm?

This is our very local Community Association – and they would be only too happy to let you know all the things that go on there.

But – if you have a great idea for us all to become involved in like chess tournaments, ballroom dancing, karate, drama classes, music lessons, film clubs, still life painting, whatever you have an interest in – why not run an evening event there.

All you need to do is chat to the amazingly helpful staff there about it – leaflet Hackney Wick & Leabank Square – or put up a page on this site – and see us all flock to join up!!

For more information about the Hackney Wick Community Association – please check out:

Come on…….. lets make Hackney Wick the Wickedest place to live!!

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