Thursday, 30 November 2006

WOW!! Check this out?!

Aren’t these amazing statues to have in your square?

Not everybody is a fan of giant modern art sculptures – but you have got to admit – these look pretty spectacular!

This particular sculpture comes from just across the other side of Viccie Park in the ------------ estate. You can see them from the entrance at the top of Bethnal Green market – and they really do draw you down to the square.

Can you imagine how unique & welcoming a sculpture like this would be in the green at our entrance would be?!

We could have say – posy of purple forget-me-nots, or a bunch of massive yellow sunflowers, or how about an oasis of giant green palm trees – anything that will make our fantastic Leabank Square look very different from every other estate around!?

Of course – none of us could afford it – but if enough of us really want to make our square memorable to everyone who visits it – then surely we could start asking around for a regeneration grant, an artist to donate a design, some of the Olympic money that that seem to want to spend on us – that kind of thing – and maybe – just maybe………..


Anonymous said...


Imagine if we had giant flowers right at the front of the green?

It would be such an amazing site as we walked into Leabank Square.

Can we not find out the artists name and ask them to do it for us for free?

Leabank Square said...

Hi Anonymous

I'm over that way this weekend - so I'll have a root around the estate - there MUST be an artists name on show somewhere.

If not - I'll get hold of my mole in Tower Hamlets Council. She knows EVERYTHING!

But I agree with you - they look even more amazing from the end of the market - real eye catchers!!