Sunday, 19 October 2008

BBC Leabank Square News

Congratulations to all who turned out for the BBC at 6.45am on Friday!! As you all know - this is the beginning of the current campaign, and we really had a great turn-out!!

Only sorry that the BBC didn't use everybody, but we are in very early days yet, so everybody will get a shot at the media campaign!!

For those of you not home on Friday - please go to: to catch up.

A massive thank you to everybody involved!!

Remember - anyone is welcome to contact the Olympic helpline if they so wish - but if you want to be part of the new anti-Olympic campaign - please email and we'll let you know about the meetings.


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James said...

Hi Sóna

Sue & Lauren were brilliant!! They put the situation over excellently and were to the point!

You waffled a bit mate, but I'm sure some people would have got what you said, but they were outstanding!!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations, the message reached the far side of Victoria Park loud and clear.