Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Beautify Leabank Square!!

And how about this excellent idea put forward from Colette!!

For far too long now we have had the unsightly viewing of the bin areas, re-cycling bins, re-cycling buckets the terraces have to put out in front of their doors, etc - to look at.

Let's face it - they will never be the most attractive part of Leabank Square to see.

What Colette suggests is that we build beautiful wooden structures around them all - and hide them behind with lovely flowers on top of them.

What an excellent idea!!

Not only will we hide the unsightly parts of the Square, but we'll be able to have more space for stunning flowers!!

What does everyone else think?

1 comment:

Pete said...

Hey Dude

Excellent idea Colette!! The first step in making Leabank Square look far better - is to hide the bits of badness we don't WANT to see behind something beautiful.

All the bin areas lokk so bad all the time since the so-called mangement company demolished the walls surrounding the bins.

The sooner we come up with an idea as to how to hide them all again, the sooner we all start feeling better about how Leabank Square looks.