Thursday, 9 October 2008

Congratulations to Mosaic Tenants in Leabank Square

Absolutely WELL DONE to all the Mosaic tenants of Leabank Square for setting up their association!!

You people are an inspiration to us all!!

It is so warming to see so many hard working & diligent residents all volunteering to make Leabank Square a fantastic place for us all to live in. Your association is the first to be created here in Leabank Square & will be paralleled by the rest of us when ours gets set up very shortly.

Together - the two associations will have all the influence we need to get the best out of the new & improved management company. No longer will we have to moan about the lack of action - or no maintenance been done. We will have the power to demand more for our unusually high service charge.

To all the Mosaic tenants - the rest of us salute your determination & sheer hard graft in having got this far - and look very much forward to working alongside you all - to improve ALL our lives here in Leabank Square!!


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1 comment:

Alex said...


Good on you guys!!

Come on the rest of the square! The quicker we get this all together, the quicker we can kick out PMMS!!

Well done Mosaic!!