Friday, 10 October 2008

Leabank Square - Home of the Sunflower

Has everyone noticed how well Sunflowers grow here in Leabank Square?!

From Lucy's beautiful garden at the entrance - to the stunning handbag garden on the riverside - Sunflowers seem to thrive very well in our Square!!

Some very creative residents have come up with a lovely idea. How about having a million Sunflowers growing here next summer? If we all got some Sunflower seeds over the next 5 or 6 months (very cheap from Lidl & B&Q) - then plant them in spring - and stand back & watch!!

In the summer - we will be awash in all the shades of yellow as amazing sunflowers bring colour, warmth & vibrancy to our lovely Leabank Square!!

What do you think?

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Anonymous said...

Het Sóna

Don't they look beautiful!!??

What about a Sunflower competition for next year?

Everybody interrested plants a sunflower outside their front door, gives them all the love, nurture & of course - water.

We then pick a date & then measure them to see who grew the tallest.

It would be a bit of fun for the whole Square to get behind!!


Anonymous said...

Hey Sóna

If there was ever a fantastic symbol for Leabank Square - the Sunflower is it!!

We should plant them ALL OVER Leabank Square!!

Imagine how happy that would make everyone - a happy sunny colour to make us all smile all day long!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Sóna

Can we not ask one of the more artistic residents to design & make a sunflower statue to erect in the front of the green?

Remember that pic you showed us of the poppies in Betnal Green? Well something like that.

It would give Leabank Square real definition & character.

I'm sure we could get sponsorship from the EEC or the Govt.

Let's chat!


Anonymous said...

Hi Shona

I know your sunflowers look good on the riverbank - but those ones right at the entrance look way better!!

Could whoever planted them please tell the rest of us how to plant our own?
When is the best time to plant them?
Where do we buy the best seeds (just like yours!)?
What different kinds are there?
Are there any short ones for the residents in the flats who have window boxes?
How long do they last?
Anything else we should do to make sure ours look nearly as good as yours?

Frankly any help would be great - especially as some of us have no green fingers!!

Thanks for brightening up Leabank Square!


Anonymous said...

Hi Sóna

Leabank Square is truly the home of the sunflower dude!

They are thriving all over our Square. We must explore this a bit more. Maybe the soil here is just perfect for sunflowers. You know - the right mix of alkaline, lime & compost - sort of thing.

And I dig the idea of a sunflower statue. That would just put the cherry on top of this story.


Anonymous said...

Hi Sóna

How do you guys keep your sunflowers going for so long into Autumn?

Maybe the houses gardens just don't get as much sunlight as the rest of Leabank Square, but our sunflowers have gone over.

Tell us your secret!


Anonymous said...

Hi Sóna,

Just catching up on the blogsite now so im a bit late with this post.

Im not a gardening expert and I got the sunflower seeds from Tesco in a childrens growing kit for my son, so I guess it really doesn't matter where you buy them from!

My sunflowers are in pots as the soil outside my flat isn't very good. Good fresh soil and plenty of water & sun is what made my sunflowers grow so well, even though I planted them far too late! I think the reason why is because we had great weather up until September.

Theyre all dying off now which is a shame but it would be fantastic if the sunflower could be the symbol of Leabank Square, they're such happy flowers!

I'll make sure to plant lots next year!


Leabank Square said...

Hi Lucy

Thanks for telling us all your secrets! I hope you don't mind if we all copy you in the spring?!

I agree with the good quality soil part. It seems that wherever we planted sunflower seeds in the Square, the only ones that made it were the ones that we planted in some B&Q compost.

The ones we tried in the front of the green were rubbish. I think only a couple made it (before the dogs got hold of them) out of about fifty!

I've learnt my lesson for next year.

Thanks again!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Sóna,

WE got our compost from Wilkinson for £1 a bag and 2 bags filled all my pots with some spare. Hopefully we'll get some for free from the council this time!

I think next Sprign a lot more people will want to get involved so Leabank Gardens will be overflowing with flowers contributed by everyone!