Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Leabank Square Mosaic

Hi everyone

you will have noticed that I have been making small steps towards the completion of the Leabank mosaic (with thanks to my new friend Jackie). I would love to make the weekend the final stage and would like to invite all of you to come along and help finish it.

I will provide hot chocolate and buns if the weather is awful and cold drinks and sun cream if it changes! Lets make it a fun community thing to do.

See you by the bins at 2pm? Wear gloves and old clothes although I have some gloves and aprons.

We also need some interesting things to stick in the "square" part so if you have anything bring it along.

A special thank you to the kind donor of the lovely palm tree ceramics which you left by the wall.

See you Saturday

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Anonymous said...


I was passing by along the canal and saw your blogspot address.

I just thought I would stop by your site and give you my support on your project. You live in such a wildly beautiful and unusual area of London.

Best of luck with everything you are doing and I hope the Olympics affects you in all the right ways.


Leabank Square said...

Hi Penny

Thanks for your nice comment!

Next time you take a walk down our way - come into Leabank Square and check out our garden & milk bottles & handbags, etc.

Thanks again

Lucy (94) said...

Hi guys,

Saw you all outside yesterday in the freezing cold and I salute you!

Im only just catching up on all the posts so I had no idea you had even started it!

The mosaic looks fantastic and definitely brightens up Leabank Sq!

Well done everyone :)

Pete said...

Hi Tracie

Please let us know if there are any more plans to do any more murals in and around Leabank Square.

This is such a lovely idea, and I think it makes a great team building excercise for all of us.