Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Who Manages Leabank Square?

Just who is in charge of managing Leabank Square?!

Does anyone know?!

This morning I had a meeting with some lovely people from Hackney Council in our flat (about the noise & dust in the Olympic Park) - and they were talking about putting up some of their own dust & noise monitoring gizmos in Leabank Square.

They were seeking permission from Family Mosaic to put the gizmos high up on some poles.

To me this sums up the poor management system in Leabank Square.

To be more accurate - the mismanagement!

Some of us know that they should have been talking to PMMS - but to be honest - that would get them nowhere! The fact that Leabank Square is managed by so many different management companies almost makes it un-manageable!! What Leabank Square needs is one accountable management company that knows exactly what is going on IN our square.

At the moment - none of the management companies are based anywhere near Leabank Square - and this remoteness means we suffer.

Take the entrance to Leabank Square - for example.

Many of us are very worried about our children having to walk out into the road because residents from the 2 front blocks are parking on the sidewalk.

The 2 blocks are managed by 2 separate management companies - neither of which come anywhere near Leabank Square - and don't communicate with each other.

You will not believe the amount of work that has gone into getting some kind of dialogue going in order for us to just find this information out. Now - we need to start getting the two management companies to start seeing the sidewalk problem as a common one. How long do you think that'll take?

And where do PMMS fit into all of this? What say do they have over the two management companies? Where does their jurisdiction end? What are we paying exorbitant Service Charge fees to them for? All we get for it is the lawn mowed & a few coke tins picked up.

So - if anyone has any answers, suggestions, hints, contacts, short cuts, history of dealings, any ideas - please lets start discussing them here (or on - the more we start talking about how our money is being spent - the sooner we start getting value for money!!

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Sue said...

Hi Sóna

I know we have coverred this in the meetings - but it's good that you bowed to pressure & put it up here too.

PMMS are an absolute joke - it's high time they were replaced by someone who gives better value for money.

I have mates who live next door in Wick village who pay LESS THAN HALF the service charge we do - and look how lovely it is?

I sear - if it wasn't for you (& your kids doing all the gardening & DIY around here - it would be such a horrible place to live!! PMMS should be absolutely ashamed of themselves ripping us off like this!!

The sooner we get up & running - the sooner we get shot of them!!

(As you say) Peace

Pete said...

Hey Sóna

Good on you for putting this blog up on the site - I know you hate us wingeing & wining on here - but these PMMS lot are a f***ing joke!!

Is there anyone in the square who have had a positive dealing with them?

We pay a HUGE amount of service charge & get a bare minimum service for the charge!!

All their work is done by contractors - so they never have to leave Reading to come & see for themselves!!

The sooner we all get rid of them - the better!!


Alfie said...

I agree Pete!

Remember when we all moved in? We could go up to the Riverside anytime we liked.

Thanks Sóna for organising this again. Pity we've got the Olympics there instead of Arena Fields again - but that's 'progress' for you.

But what a difference you lot have made over the last few years?! Why are we paying this PMMS lot money when you all do everything virtually for free?

You pick up the litter, you garden the green, you DIY the broken drain-pipes (I saw you!), you tidy up all the bin areas, you have spruced up the Riverside, you've sorted out neighbour disputes, you organise the annual Leabank Square Festival, I bet if you had a lawn mower - you'd do that too!!

AND - nobody pays you a penny to do that. Imagine what it would be like if we ALL strated doing little things for each other?

Come on Leabank Square - let's start talking about ousting this sham of a management company & replacing it with good neighbourliness!!


Mary said...

Hello Sóna

Saturday is the best day to catch up with all your emails!! I also came across this blog which I sorta missed 1st time around!

Have you ever tried phoning to speak to this Derek Lee?!

I mean - does he actually exist?!

Everytime I phone to speak to him - some receptionist ALWAYS asks what it is about - and then proceeds to ask - EVERY TIME - to put it writing!!

Never - not even ONCE - has she put me through to him. Even on the times I've absolutely insited - she has promised to pass the message on to him & that he will call me back!

Has he EVER?!

Has he ****!!!!!

As I understand it - we have a right to speak to the person WE are PAYING to service us - but he is as alusive as Lord Lucan!!


TaggerX said...

Hi Guys
..... and who mis-co-ordinates all the seperate management companies to come on complteely separate days and only do their tiny patch of litter picking up?!

And why is it never on a Monday - when Hackney Council come & do the refuse collection?!

The result of ALL this mis-management - is that any litter simply blows back into the tiny bit that's just been cleaned up - and we're back to Square 1 again!!!!


John said...

Hi Sóna

How's this for a story?

A mate has just left with his family. They were visiting - pretty much the whole day - so we had time to wander around the area.

They loved the Bankside flowers & green (which you & all the kids do) - but they 'felt' that there was no love & soul in the rest of the square!!

They specifically mentioned the un-friendly entrance - with all the cars parked on the sidewalk - forcing them (WITH SMALL KIDS) into the road!!

They could not believe the difference between the gardened areas - and the accomodation blocks & terraces!!

Do I need to remind you that our two blocks have just been 're-decorated' - and yet they still felt that they looked un-maintained?

You know - sometimes you just need that fresh eye to tell you new things that we see every day?!?

And we are PAYING some joker to 'maintain' the Square?!

He's having a laugh!!!!!!


Janet said...

Hi Sóna

Has anyone ever seen an annual statement? By that I mean a complete breakdown of what they have said they have spent OUR money on?

Surely we are meant to be sent a detailed Income & Expenditure report?

It is OUR money after all - and we shouldn't have to ASK for one - it should just automatically be sent out to us at the end of each financial year.

Please could anyone who has ever seen one - let us all know if it is available.


Belinda said...


I just want to say that this blogsite is the ideal forum for talking about ALL our management companies.

I am lucky enough (I guess) to stay in one of the Family Mosaic houses - but have had to have dealings with PMMS in the past. Besides them never responding to my polite requests, they are so very difficult to speak to.

I find their telephone manner, defensive in the extreme!!

Even when they simply answer the phone, there is an unnecessary degree of agressiveness in their voice! The conversation just goes downhil from then on in!

I have to keep reminding myself that I am the one PAYING for their service, and yet they see fit to talk to me as if I am inconveniencing THEM!?!

Do they get abusive phone calls all day long from their other premises they look after? This is the only conclusion I can come up with to understand their horid telephone manner.

In my opinion, we should do whatever it takes to find another company that will act in OUR best interests, not THEIRS!!!

Thank you for this opportunity for all of us to discuss this dire set of affairs in common with all Leabank Square's residents.


Gerald said...

Hi Sóna - I agree with everything everyone has said above - wholeheartedly!!

There is another thing that bugs me as well.

How come - when Family Mosaic DON'T manage the whole square - all the 'no dog fouling' & 'no ball games' signs are all their signs?!

Surely - IF our so-called management company PMMS is the overall management company - any signs in our square should be theirs?!

Also - did Family Mosaic consult with any residents before putting their signs all over the square? They certainly did NOT ask me (& I live in a Family Mosaic property) nor any of my friends & neighbours!!!

This PMMS are such a useless lot - I can't believe we have let them get away with this for so long!!! I'm all for setting up this new Residents Association & kicking them out!!!


Mohammed said...

Hey Sóna

As you know I rent my flat from my landlord who deals with this PMMS lot. Whenever I phone them up - they are incredibly rude & offensive.

They once told me that 'all' the children in Leabank Square are 'yobs'! Can you believe that?!

Often they tell me that they cannot help me & that I have to deal through my landlord. But it's the manner in which they speak to you, so condescending! It's as if THEY are doing US a favour - when in reality it's US who are paying THEM for a service they do NOT deliver!!

I've handed over the CAB file on how we get to oust them - and it won't be too long now!!


TaggerX said...

And why are we NEVER consulted whenever something gets done?!?!

They came and took away all the planters - no-one consulted!

They knocked down the walls hiding the wheelie bins - no-one consulted!

They locked the gate to the Riverside - no-one consulted!

They re-painted the car-park lines in useless paint - no-one consulted!

They drove a heavy goods vehicle over paving and broke several paving stones - no-one consulted!

I could go on & on - but the upshot is that PMMS simply do what the hell they want to - without consulting any of US - the people THAY are supposed to ask before spending OUR money!!

A bigger bunch of time and money wasters I have yet to meet!!

Get rid of them very quickly I say!


Susan said...

Like most of us, I have had the mis-pleasure of phoning PMMS over the past 11 years, and have never been put through to this Derek Lee person who sends the letters out.

Not only that, but the receptionists that field his calls are downright rude and obstructive! They will do anything to stop us talking to him. Why does he have to hide behind his receptionists?

I simply cannot believe this level of service(?!) is acceptable to anyone here in Leabank Square. Good luck with the Residents Association. I'm so glad we have a lawyer on our board as well, it make everything a lot clearer.


Dirk said...

Hey Shona

Whatever happened to that group of you residents that met with this allusive Drek Lee person?

If I remember correctly it was you, Charlotte & Brian who met once with this guy. Did that group ever continue?

I know Charlotte & Brian are renting their properties out just now, but does the group still meet this idiot who runs PMMS?

If so, please let us all know when last, and what was discussed.

James said...

Hi everyone

Although I've only been in Leabank Square for 5 years now, I cannot work out who actually maintains it?!

I know that you guys do an absolutely brilliant job looking after all the gardening, Riverside and bits & pieces of DIY - but I am shocked at how little we ALL get for the extortionate amount of Service Charge we pay!!

I am 100% behind getting rid of this PMMS shower!!


TaggerX said...

And also why is it the only time we ever hear from them is a week or two before they send the annual service charge bill out to us all. Then they suddenly remember to tell us (NEVER consult us!) that they're doing something superficial & inconsequential in Leabank Square. As if that is supposed to justify the enormous service charge coming in a few days time!!

PMMS, we are not fooled! And also, that old addage of Leabank Square being a constantly changing populace is not true anymore. There is a core group of at least a half of the square who have been here for at least 7 years, and we are the ones setting up the Residents Association. So whereas before there was very little continuity, there is now a long history of their VERY bad management.

Let's get this thing together people!!

Luke said...

Hi Sóna

I think their tendering process is crap as well. Remember the guy who suposedly came to change the lights in the corridor?!

He came & left the wires dangling for a day, then changed the lights, they worked absolutely fine, thyen came back the next week & supposedly re-fixed them again. All of these visits we were no doubt charged for!!

The thing is - they worked absolutely fine in the first place!!

But then when we ALL phoned about the intercom system, it still doesn't work after 3 years of me phoning them!!

PMMS - Pre Menstrual Management Suckers - sucking us all dry of service charge!!


TaggerX said...

OMG Sóna!!!!

I didn't believe the geezer from PMMS really said that until you showed me the video recording!!

What a rascist!! You know - NOW that I think about it - they have said some really close to the knuckle things to me over the years - on the phone when talking about some of the residents of Leabank Square!!

How can OUR management company - who are supposed to represent US - ALL OF THE RESIDENTS (NO MATTER WHERE THEY COME FROM!!!!!) OF LEABANK SQUARE - say such rascist things about us?

I'm glad you sent everyone on the committee the vid - we will keep it until we need to kick them out! This is EXACTLY the problem we have always had with PMMS - long before you even settled here!

They are provincial close-minded village idiots - who have NO IDEA how to manage an inner-city estate - with ALL it's wonderfully diverse residents. They view most of the residents with utter contempt because they are not white British people. They view all children of these 'foreigners' (I cannot belive the ease at which he spoke about 'them' still!!) as causing massive problems in the Square. They view ALL new residents from around the world as second-class citizens 'who can't even read english or speak our language'........

OMG Sóna - I've just realised that our service charge is going to the BNP!!

I can't wait for the sh*t to hit the fan! These are just the kind of little Englanders who make me so embarrassed to be a white Englishman!!


Rose said...

Hi Sóna

What a great barbie yesterday mate!!! Where do you get them sausages from?!

Thanks for showing us the vid of that rascist scumbag Lee from PMMS talking about me and all the other 'foreign' residents like that!! We spoke to Jim (the lawyer in number 11) and we are definetely going to take it a whole lot further!!

I am still flabergasted that this is the level of proffesionalism we have got from our management company!! It makes me so angry that we are supporting National Front type memebers like this through our service charge!!!

Once, when the receptionist at PMMS was chatting freely to me, she made similar references to 'foreigners' dragging the square down the pan!!!

And she had no idea what the colour of my skin was, or where in the world I had come from!!

Anyway, thanks for the barbie, at least we can have a good time in Leabank Square, no matter WHO we are!!

See you at the meeting.


James said...

Hey Dude!!

Why am I not surprised at the email vid? This is the kind of thing I feel like uploading onto YouTube!!

He goes on about 'all these immigrants taking over', then startight into the classic 'I'm not rascist but.....' laying into all the people coming over and taking over!?!

Bloody BNP member if ever I saw one dude!

Now you know why I've given up ever phoning that bunch again? Why do you think they don't give a shit about Leabank Square?

Because it's full of the 'bloody foreigners' they hate so much!!

Let's kick them out to Ibiza where they all belong in one huge expat ghetto!!


Sybil said...

Hey Sóna

I can't count how many times I've called up Ujima (in the past), and now London & Quadrant, to ask if the planters in the entrance to Leabank Square can be moved back onto the sidewalk!

Every time they then have to ask PMMS to do it, but it has been 7 years now!!

I know my block is not managed by PMMS, but the maintainance of the sidewalks and green are, and they are pathetic!! If it wasn't for you starting the Gardening Club, then NOTHING would get done on the green!! The time wasters who occasinally mow the grass are teenage work experience kids who are not in the slightest bit interrested in how OUR green looks!!

Thanks to you and ALL the kids who make our Square look as beautiful as it does. No thanks to PMMS in the future!!


Matt said...

Hey Sóna

And how many times do we have to call to sort all the street lights out in the square!?

The reason some residents don't feel safe in the winter months is that they have to walk into a VERY dark square most of the time!!

I'm all for these 'so-called' environmentaly friendly energy efficient bulbs in our lights, but some are so old that they only come on for a minute, and are then OFF for just over 10 minutes!

The useless lot in PMMS have never bothered to even check the lights during the dark!! This is the management company WE pay to MAINTAIN our square!!

How many cycles have we had reported knicked this year so far? 17 at last count!! That's 17 times some scallies have come into Leabank Square in the dark and left without being seen!!

Why - because PMMS can't be bothered!!

Get shot of them!!


Grant said...

Hi Sóna

Was this guy on such a rant that he did not even realise that you two are not his beloved brits?!

How did you keep a straight face when he went off on one?


What's even more stunning is that we are paying his wages!! WE are supporting rascists like this bunch in PMMS!! Thankfully we've got the vid & Jim says its what's called 'compelling evidence'.

Amazing rascist idiot!! But it doesn't surprise me in the slightest when you hear how they talk to me on the phone whenever I make a complaint! Whatever is wrong in the square is always blamed on 'the immigrants' - never her beloved Brits! How little does she know huh!?

Nice one mate - a little while from now & they'll be just a footnote in our history - like all rascists should be!!


Rufus said...

Hey Sóna

I saw those 2 idiots from PMMS staring at the stairs for a few minutes, making a few calls, and then moving on to looking at the lights for a few minutes, making a few calls, then taking off.

So how much do you think PMMS are going to bill us all for this consulting visit at the end of the years invoice?

Do you remember when we used the Freedom of Information act to get the Olympics to produce the noise & dust levels figures?

Well - please could you do the same with PMMS & get them to produce a full break-down of the last financial year's figures.

I do not trust them at all. That poxy breakdown they provide us with every year is not worth the paper they print it on (except that they charge us for sending it out!).

I know that we are getting rid of them legally soon - but let's see if we can hold them accountable for some of the money that we've paid for very poor service in the past as well!!

Cheers mate.


Grace said...


I have lived here since day one, when they were even struggling to find money to complete building some of the blocks. We were living in the middle of a building site!

Then when PMMS took over a few years later, the square took a turn for the worse!! They NEVER EVER return my calls. They always say that they will pass my messages on to Derek Lee, but he has NEVER called me back!!

And all the messages I have left via their web-site have never EVER been responded to.

I am so glad we have started the process of their removal, just a pity we cannot see their faces when they get told!!


Matt said...

Hey Sóna

Just got in and Maria said she saw the git from PMMS taking some of the steps away. I hope that means that they're replacing them with better ones for the festival.

If not - we go back to your tried & tested ladders huh!?


Leabank Square said...

Hi Everyone!!

Don't panic about the stairs. Lee & his mate promised us that he would make sure the stairs were safe for the festival.

I guess they've just taken some of the wood away in order to take measurements or something.

They guaranteed that we would be able to use them on Saturday!!

Also - far be it for me to excuse ANY sort of rascism - but - cool it on the blog. The poor guy didn't even know he stepped into our video about the festival.

We have to let the Residents Association - and our lawyers handle the legal bits & pieces about the replacement of PMMS. I know it's frustrating - but these things take time.

Luckily Family Mosaic and London & Quadrant are 100% behind us - so that should speed things up.

But let's not whip up any unnessesary stress at this crucial time in Leabank Square's negotiations okay? Please?


Sheila said...

I, like many of our fellow residents writing here, have had a VERY bad experience trying to get hold of Derek Lee!!

The receptionist always tries to find out what the call is about, and when I politeley request to rather deal directly with him, she gets very abrupt & defensive.

She then reluctantly says that she will pass the mesage on to him, but NOT ONCE has he EVER returned my calls!!

So, either she is not telling him about the calls, or they are both colluding to keep Leabank Square at a very long distance in their dealings!

Either way, I am really looking foreward to the day we put Leabank Square's servicing out to tender & choose the better company to do our maintainance.


TaggerX said...

Hi Sóna

Did you see that git from PMMS come over on his little bike to spy on us at the festival?

He gives me the creeps man!! Lurking all over the square, making mental notes on all the foreigners to pass on to Derek Lee and his receptionist.

Yeah I know he fixed the steps for us, but he was very reluctant. I heard him chatting to Derek Lee from the balconey saying that they were unrepairable until you came along and charmed him & his mate into fixing them!!

Do you not think it was inappropriate for someone from the management company to come to OUR festival?

Creeeeeepy man.


Joy said...

Hi Sóna

I have asked the mamangement company for years now to install bollards on the sidewalk pavement outside our block (at the entrance).

They keep saying that it's PMMS's responsibility, but when they ask, they say it's their responsibility!!

So who is right?

Does it take someone to get run over in Leabank Squares entrance for someone to act?!

I sincerely hope you lot kick PMMS out soon and tender for the best management company to take over and GIVE US A DECENT SERVICE!!!!


Biggles said...

Hey Sóna

I also filmed that git saying some right dodgy things about some of us as well at the festival.

Thats the thing about rascists innit they cant help themselves. It all just comes out.

What makes pmms feel that way about us foreigners? Are we not supposed to expect some proffesionalism from the company we are paying to see that we have a well running square?

In order to make it run well we need our management company to treat us all equally and based on them talking we know they dont.

anyhow more ammo for the laywer innit.


Geoffrey said...

Hello Sóna

We have got to get those lawyers we met working for us. The fact that they have done this exact action succesfully so many times is a major plus.

Plus - we only have to pay if they get money back out of PMMS!!


Don't worry about the rest of the association, I'll get them around.
Next year is going to be our year!! Leabank Square takes control back into the square!!


Mostafa said...

Hi Sóna

Its been a few weeks now since you spoke to that guy from PMMS about the planters at the entrance.

Has anything been done yet?


Why do you even try asking them anything. We get many more things done by using all the skills here in Leabank Square!!

All we need is to find someone with a massive truck to push them back onto the sidewalk!


Luke said...

Hey Dude!!

We seriously need to get that situation at the entrance sorted out soon man.

There were 2 ambulances and two police cars there this afternoon, and nowhere to park!!

The poor patient had to be wheeled to the parking spaces next to the green, which must have added a bit more time & bumps to her condition.

It's amazing - the space is reserved for emergency vehicles, but all the residents in the 1st two blocks park there as if its their right!!

Let us hope that the next emergency is not a fire - those trucks are double the size, and REALLY need to be close to the action.

Get these PMMS half-wits on the case man.


Dirk said...


I just saw the jpeg as well, what a dickhead!!

I really can't wait to get rid of this bunch of idiots. I would rather pay service charge to Hackney Council than a rascist!


Yvonne said...

Hi Guys!

I know we've just recently moved into Leabank Square, but the most shocking thing to us is how very little we are getting for an enormous amount of Service Charge!!

The only maintainance we see going on is all the volunteers doing things!

How did you allow this to develope? When did one tiny little company convince you all to pay so much for nothing?

I was at last weeks meeting and am so very glad that we now have a mojority! The quicker we get shot of PMMS and getting bang for buck, the sooner we start improving our lovely Leabank Square!!


Sarah said...

Please can anyone help me? I have an electric meter that I need to feed with a money key. Trouble is that someone has broken the lock of the electric cupboard in the bin area.

Does anyone have any idea how to get into the cupboard as my meter is going to run out in a day or two. My landlady says I need to phone the management company. Who are they? What is their number?

Any help will be very much appreciated.


John said...

Hello Residents Committee

I have just moved in and need to give EDF my meter reading before they will connect me. I think this has something to do with the squaters that were in before me.

Can anyone lend me their key for the electric cupboard downstairs please.


Geoffrey said...

Hi to the new residents

Looks like the kids have been at the old superglue again. Sorry!!

I'll spray some magic mix into the lock - but it does take a day or so to disolve the glue.

Check again tomorrow


steve said...

We might have to break in peeps. We can't have residents having no leccy because of some kids!

Even if we break the lock, as long as we replace it with an FB2, everyone still has a key for it!

We'll pay out of the Associtaions bank account.


Leabank Square said...

Hi Steve

Too late mate - someone has already broken it! I'll try & fix it up later when I get home.

Can you pick up another FB2 lock form Blanks in Well St - we'll pay you back later.

Great isn't it, one bit of vandalism leads to another, leads to....


James said...

Hello Sóna

Please could you put up a newer link to these shite bags in PMMS nearer the front of the blog? This one is too far away in the archive for us to be reminded what a useless bunch they actually are!!

I suggest you head the new one 'anyone consulted?'.

We all know that they have NEVER bothered consulting any of us before they do anything IN OUR OWN SQUARE!! But just in case they actually have - let's ask ALL the residents if they can EVER recall having been consulted about ANYTHING by pmms?


Mr Smith said...

Hey Sóna

I agree with Jim. We need to start a new fresh blog about PMMS. This one is just too far back to catch any disgruntled residents.

How about the fact that they have never called a residents meeting? A few years ago some guy in your block said he had to BEG to get some suit to come to a small residents meeting.

Now that there are regular Mosaic residents meetings - and the new 'Rest Of' residents meetings - the only people missing are the ones we are all metting about: PMMS.

Mr Smith

Leabank Square said...

Hi Everyone

The lock has been fixed - and we can carry on using the FB2 keys.

For those of you that can see the bin areas - keep an eye on the door if you can - we need to chat to some of the parents again about the after-school activities of their children.


Derek said...

Hi Sóna

Whats with the Mosaic Housing signs all over the Square?

How comes thay're allowed to put them up everywhere, even tho they only have a quarter of the residents under their management?

This is why the new Association must be up and running soon. We need to ask ALL the residents what signs, markings, artwork, gardens, etc we ALL want.

That old pmms bunch were useless, the ones we've interviewd so far are so far superior to the, for a fraction of the cost!!

Good on ya


Mr Jones said...

Hi Sóna

This is just a reminder to everyone to be a bit more careful about what we say on this blog.

If PMMS were bothered enough, they might do a google search one day and guess that something is up!

Please could we stick to emails while we are in this planning stage. We definetley do not want them to guess waht we're all up to.

Thank you.

Mr Jones

Ms Pinky said...

Hello Everyone

I know we are talking about all this by email nowadays, but I really cannot understand some of the lawyers emails.

All the legal speak is a bit tricky to follow, so can someone please simplify it for me (and probably others) and only send me a weekly update.

I know we all said we wanted to be kept up-to-date, but to be honest, all I want is PMMS out. I will sign anything to make that happen, I just don't want to read too much.

But I do like to read about the companies we are interviewing. How have we not acted sooner before? I cannot believe how much we've been ripped off!!

Ms Pinky

Geoffrey said...

Hi Sóna & Family

Now that winter is closing in - I feel even more guilty that I am too old to help all you guys do the litter pickup all around the square!

It will be a lot better when we tender for one managment company to service the WHOLE square AT THE SAME TIME!!

Hopefully then there will not be too much blown around rubbish to pick up!



Abdul said...

Hey Guys

I still find it absolutely astonishing that the so called management compant pmms has manged to get all the seperate housing companies to tidy up their little sections on seperate days?!

Look at them in action. They (sometimes) pick up litter right to their tiny boundary, and then watch the litter blow across into another mangement company's section.

We all live in one Square - and if it wasn't for you sweeping & tidying up after the companies, we would be living in a rubbish tip!



Pete said...


I cannot stand this pmms lot for one minute longer!! Every thing I phone them up for 'is being noted'!!!

We DO NOT pay them to 'note' things down!! We pay them to sort gardeners, cleaners, dog owners, mulitple car owners, etc out!!

Not to sit in an office FAR AWAY and only take phone calls!!

Tonights meeting should bring their demise one step closer!!


Roger said...

What a bloody joke this pmms lot are!! Can any of the old timers here tell me if they EVER had our interests at heart?

And when did you EVER let the service charge get to this exhorbitantly high level?!

Check the new block in Felstead Road out!!

They have a far superior layout, fantastic level of service, excellent maintainance - and they are paying just under half of what we're forking out!!

I feel I want to physically give their bums a kick when we give their services a kick!!


Pete said...

Hello all

What's going on with the gormless idiots who normally do the mowing & hoovering in the two riverside blocks?

Why have they not hoovered in the last two weeks? If this is the way that PMMS monitors the cleaners, then I agree that they should be rid of.


Betty said...

Are these goons at pmms just apathetic, or or they deliberately trying to wind us all up?

The front left block has just had their hedge very expertly trimmed and shaped, but the front right looks completely unkempt.

How are we supposed to portray a cohesive and pleasant image to anyone passing by, let alone any of our own visitors?!

Please association - get them out quick!!


Louise said...

Hey Sóna

I cannot tell you how many times I have complained about the 'No-Dogs' area being exclusively used for irresponsible dog owners as a toilet?!

All pmms do is make notes.

I can make notes all day long myself, but it won't stop them pooing all over what is supposed to be a childrens area.

Get rid of pmms (and dog owners who behave anti-socially) for ever from Leabank Square.


Mary said...

Hello Sóna

Why should I waste my phone bill money on pmms? I know you said we should all phone them when we see things that need there attention. But each week those cleaners come they miss huge parts of their cleaning.

Why should we be the ones to monitor their work? Why does pmms not come down and do their job properly?


Steve said...


Who is this idiot electrician?!?

Every time he comes, something else CONVENIENTLY breaks and he then has to return to do another job!

The light in the corridor always works fine, and then he came to 'fix' the socket for the cleaners, and now my end of the corridor is CONVENIENTLY dark?!?

This happened last time he came to 'test' the fire alarm as well.

I hope I can catch him at it next time - besides ringing the hopeless PMMS - I'll get the police involved. This is nothing short of stealing my money by PMMS putting up the service charge to pay for contractors who diddle them! Why do they not come and check the contractors and cleaners?

How far away are we from getting a new bunch?