Monday, 6 July 2009

Dog Poo in Leabank Square

We all heard about the little girl who contracted Toxocariasis earlier this year. She picked it up while playing on the Leabank Square Green from falling into some dog poo and rubbing her eye while crying.

This is a very serious disease - and as such - the dog poo situation in Leabank Square should be treated very seriously!

We all love our pets - and look after them with all the love & care they deserve. But when they poo in the common areas of Leabank Square - please clean up after them.

The family in question moved out very soon after this incident - but as a result of the Management Company having to sort out the insurance - we have all been asked to keep a look out for any dogs that foul in Leabank Square.

We know that none of the residents of Leabank Square would do this to little children who love playing in Leabank Square - but please be on the look-out for any visitors with dogs who foul our lovely square. You are absolutely entitled to take a picture of the offending dog owners. Please could you email the pics (with any supporting information) to (our square's management company) - and they will start the prosecution.

They have assured us that we can do this anonymously - and that they will act immediately on this information.

Come on Leabank Square - do this before another child gets very seriously ill!!


Anonymous said...

Tower Hamlets has these gadgets on a metal post that dispense plastic bags. It's only the conscientious owners that use them (and most of them carry their own bags anyway), but having them there means you can rebuke offenders less confrontationally by pointing out the gadget's location. However if you've got loose dogs roaming around that's another problem altogether.

Leabank Square said...

Whoa there people!
Thanks to a peace loving neighbour - I've just seen what a scrap is going on here!
Although I am never in favour of any censorship - I have just pulled all the comments.
I almost feel as if I should pull the whole Dog-Poo thread, but I promised her dad I would put it up to warn of the dangers of leaving dog-poo lying around.
But this anonymous name-calling has got totally out of control people!
Please read the statements on the top & sidebars of our blog. We want to create a peaceful, kind, neighbourly & loving square for us ALL to live in.
None of us is stupid - we all know dog-poo is not healthy left lying around. To start getting personal about it is definetly not helpful.