Friday, 3 July 2009

Good Luck Lucy!!

We have all been loving Lucy's garden up near the entrance to Leabank Square every year - but THIS year...........

Lucy got judged by the Hackney in Bloom judges - and we are all convinced that Lucy has got to get some kind of medal!!

Lucy - and your whole amazing family - good luck for the competition! We are all rooting for you!


Lucy said...

Haha this is so embarrassing! I had no idea. Thank you so much!

Its a shame they didnt come a few weeks back when all of the other flowers were in bloom. The lilys are dying off now and its starting to look a bit messy but atleast the sunflowers are brightening it up a bit!

Thanks for the luck, although im sure there are better groomed gardens, my one has gone a bit wild haha!

The sunflowers in the planters and the middle green are coming along nicely too. Very soon we'll all be looking out to their happy yellow faces, im sure its going to be amazing!

Thanks again guys!


Matt said...

I know we don't know you yet, but your garden looks so beautiful! Thank you for brightening up the Square so nicely. Hopefully we can say this to you in person on Sundays big clean up!