Thursday, 2 July 2009

Register as a donor Online!

Transplants save lives!

I know this is never a cheery subject to bring up. But let's just say you get hit by the 276 outside Leabank Square. Wouldn't you want to go, happy in the knowledge that someone, somewhere would be benefiting from some of your organs?

Every year the lives of thousands of people are saved or transformed through organ transplantation. By joining the NHS Organ Donor Register you can help increase this number.

I know this isn't for everyone in Leabank Square, but think it over for a few days. If your loved one was dying, and could be saved through someone else having given this all a thought - wouldn't you be the happiest resident of Leabank Square?

For more info on how to register as a donor online - please see:


Lucy said...

This is an excellent post! Its such an important topic and we need more donors.

Just wanted to say that giving blood (for those who are able to) is just as important.

Im going to give blood in August as they are going to be at Hackney Town Hall. Its a few stops on the 30, 276 or 236. It only takes about an hour and its so worth it! to get more info or book an appointment :)

Paul said...

Hi Sóna
Like Lucy said - donating blood is just a important, especially if you have a rare blood group.
But carrying a donor card AND letting your family & loved ones know your wishes is ALSO important!

If I went under a bus I would love to know that someone else could benefit from my organs!