Monday, 13 July 2009

Safer Neighbourhood Team Meeting

At last weeks Family Mosaic Tenants Association meeting - there were huge crime concerns raised about Leabank Square. This is a reminder that we can bring all these concerns to the Safer Neighbourhood Team meeting this Thursday 16th July - at the Hackney Wick Community Centre - at 7pm.

Sergeant Port and his team are begging anyone who has any concerns whatsoever - to bring them along to the meeting. This is the best opportunity to air any niggles & worries about whats going on in Leabank Square & Hackney Wick in general - and get something done about it!

Remember - if the Safer Neighbourhood Team don't know about it - they cannot do anything about it!

Please come along - it's completely informal - and you'll feel better about getting it all off your chest!

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Leabank Square said...

Whoa there people!
Thanks to a peace loving neighbour - I've just seen what a scrap is going on here!
Although I am never in favour of any censorship - I have just pulled all the comments.
All I said was that the Safer Neighbourhood Team wanted to meet more of us residents.
I have met Sgt Andy Port many times, and have always found him a fair, community minded and very understanding person.
They want more input from Leabank Square about living here - and in Hackney Wick.
The comments posted up here were very personal, highly litigious - and the opposite of community spirited! So I have pulled them all.
If you are having any hassles with anyone (living in Leabank Square or not) - then please get hold of Andy Port or any of his great team. They are waiting to chat to you!
Please do NOT use our blog to spread rumours and destroy our amazing Leabank Square community!