Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Leabank Square Foragers!!

Yesterday a fantastic group of adventurers went out into the Wick to discover all the edible delights that are on offer to simply pick and eat.

We started off in the Wick woodlands and discovered that we had, on our team, an expert tree climber - Nancy - the perfect person to pick an apple or two!

There were lots of apple trees , hazel trees and blackberry bushes in the Wick woodlands - a true dream for anyone looking for free food.

Blackberry picking was a breeze as we had Gwen on our side - a previous monkey bar incident provided us with the perfect anti-scratch tool - Gwen's plaster-cast arm!

We left the woods with a fantastic hoard of apples, hazelnuts, blackberries and a great bunch of very happy children.

Next stop was the Number 26 Bus Stop on Chapman Rd - here we discovered a whole row of plum trees with the sweetest, most delicious plums you'll ever taste this side of the Wick.

Luckily for us Sona had the good thinking to bring along a long pole and tin can tool which, along with expert tree climber Nancy meant that we helped ourselves to hundreds of these gorgeous balls of fruit.

Thank you to, the two Toms, John, Nancy, Cyprus, Shanthi, Safiri and Gwen for a great day picking fruit in Hackney Wick!

The day ended with a hotdog and marshmallow dinner up on Leabank Square River bank for all the great foragers of the day.


Paul said...

Maybe you should bottle up that jam you make from all the fruit and market a genuine Hackney Wick Preserve?!

Mary said...

Hi Guys
Looks delicious, please let us all know when you're planning your next harvest!

Zoulla said...

Nadira made Jam and its lovely & Tracies Plum cake was too, I ate my blackberrys with some natural yoghurt and they were yummy too :D