Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Weekends on Leabank Square Riverbank

One of the perks of doing the garden up on the Leabank Square Riverbank - is hearing the most amazing comments from everyone who passes us.

The best are when the ramblers see the Gardening Club at work - keep up the good work - the best garden along the Lea - good to see 'em starting off young - thanks for making our journey so lovely!

We are very used to hearing these - & many more positive comments - from the ramblers, cyclists, joggers, buggy pushers, dog walkers & boat crews - but even the rowers are now starting to give us compliments.

Now - if you consider just how tired & concentrated these athletes must be - the fact that they throw us the odd flattering comment is amazing. On the day of the Hackney Wick Festival - several of them even came for cream teas after their training.

Welcome to Leabank Square!!

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Ms Scarlettttttttttt said...

And some of them are well fit. Mmmmmm might have to start rowing this winter!
Ms Scarlettttttttttttt