Monday, 23 June 2008

Gainsborough Leabankers!!

Did you know that we have famous people amongst us?!

The latest edition of the Hackney Gazette has got an amazing picture of some of our kids! You have got to admit that it is a very cute pic of this great bunch of our future.

You are looking at the future Prime Ministers, Supermodels, Nuclear Physicists, Inventors, Celebrity Chefs, Airline Pilots, Brain Surgeons & Big Brother Contestants.

Study them well - fellow Leabankers - and Google them all in about 20 years to see if I'm wrong!


Anonymous said...

Brilliant feature!!

I've often wondered why those pics are in the Hackney Gazette. Of course.... it's for the kids to point themselves out to the rest of us... on their first steps to greater fame.

Aren't there a few more of our kids in the tho.

I'm sure I can spot a couple more. Could you do a picture with ALL of them?


Leabank Square said...

Leabank Square Fact No. 4002.

The mural behind the kids was painted by none other than Zoulla!!

Most of us have met this incredible artist by now - and we've definetly seen some of her work on this very blog!

There will be some more exciting art news coming this summer (2008) - so watch this space!