Wednesday, 11 June 2008


Has anyone else noticed just how beautiful our mini-meadow is looking nowadays?

I hope all you gardeners remember planting all those seeds way back in April.

Well - just look at what you did?!?

I couldn't pretend to know the names of any of the flowers growing - but I really love the way they welcome all of us into Leabank Square as soon as you turn into the entrance!

Please go up to the nearest person to you right now - and ask them to give you a massive (but gentle) pat on the back!!


Anonymous said...

hiya,i did notice how lovely it is when u walk into the square now so well done to you all , also the flower pots look lovely as well

Leabank Square said...

Hi Kelly

Thanks for the thanks!!

The flowers took their time(!) - but it looks well worth it!

I suppose we are ALL learning what to do (& what not to do) as we go along.

Based on this principle - we should have a GREAT garden in oooh - about 10 years time!!

If you know ANYONE who knows more about gardening than us - please give them this blog address - there has got to be a better way than just planting seeds & hoping for the best!?


Anonymous said...


Please tell all the kids who did this for ALL us residents, we ALL say a BIG thanksyou.

We should ALL be very proud of the kids in Leabank Square, they show the whole of Hackney just what it is to be a model citizen.

I love living in Leabank Square now!


Anonymous said...

LOOKING good!!

I LOVE the flowers at the front of the green.

Can you do a few postings about the different flowers we have in Leabank Square?

I know nothing about flowers & gardening - but would love to learn what we have here on our doorstep.


Anonymous said...