Monday, 23 June 2008

Starting Young!!

The gardeners of Leabank Square start soooooooo young nowadays - and this is great for us - 'cos when they get older - they are going to have years worth of green-fingered experience!!

Can you imagine what an oasis Leabank Square is going to be when ALL these amazing kids grow up & turn into incredible gardeners? We are going to have the most beautiful square in the whole of Hackney - if not London!!!

The newest gardener to start getting his fingers wet & green is Jauquan. He simply wondered up into the group of gardeners today and VERY politely asked if he could help.

Never one to turn down a new pair of helping hands - he was put to watering the green - and did a fantastic job of it!!

Just you watch the green & the meadow in the next few days! Jauquan has given all the flowers a new lease of life & will soon be delighting the whole of Leabank Square with brilliant colours!

Thanks Jauquan (& of course - VERY proud mum Marina) for helping out today - you're welcome back anytime!!


Anonymous said...


Leabank Square has the most amazing gardeners in ALL of London, if not the World!

Go for it Jauquan!


Anonymous said...

You lot start em young in Leabank man. Come and learn the Trowbridge lot some gardening.