Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Playground Anyone?


I thought there was a credit crunch going on somewhere!

Hot on the heels of the Mayor of London wanting to give money away for London's parks - news today of the Mayor of Hackney wanting to do the same for playgrounds in Hackney!!

It turns out that he has won £2.5 million from the government to do up - or build new playgrounds for Hackney's kids.

Well........ what do you reckon?

I know that this question was asked a few years ago - and that some residents definitely did NOT want a playground in our green.

Well - maybe it's time to ask the question again for 3 reasons:

1. There are a whole heap of great new residents in the square

2. There are a whole heap of new families living in Leabank Square - some of whom have toddler age kids

3. Leabank Square was specifically designed as a family-friendly square - with it's very safe traffic calming measures, one entrance/exit & every flat or house having a clear view of the green (where most of the kids play).

The main objections last time were
....... that kids from outside Leabank Square would come in to play as well - well - so what? If it is safe for our kids - why not share it?

.... and that the older kids (teens I think) would hang out on the equipment & vandalise it. Well - I can't think of a single teen or older person who would spoil the fun for their younger siblings. Plus - it wouldn't be seen as cool for teens to hang out on miniature swings & climbing frames!

Anyway - please feel free to share your thoughts here on this blog by commenting - or send us an email to leabanksquare@london.com & let us ALL know what you feel.

If you want to email the Learning Trust (Mayor's department responsible for spending all this lovely money) direct to find out more - please go to www.learningtrust.co.uk & go to 'Contact Us'.

But pleeeeezzzzz - let's all talk about this idea - the more we chat - the better we know each other!


Anonymous said...

I'm all for having a playground, this is a family square after all, but we should all be consulted about the deign.

Personally I would love to see one made entirely out of wood. It would fit neatly into the natural surrondings, Viccie Park, Lea River, Hackney Marshes, Arena Fields (if we get some of them back after the Olympics) - and make us ALL feel more natural.

Plus those modern metal playgrounds can look soooo brash sometimes.


Anonymous said...

It would be lovely to have a playground for the lil' 'uns.

It would make me feel better as a mum to see my children playing safely on the green.

But it HAS to be vandal-proof, anf there HAS to be more benches or tree stumps for us parents and older kids to sit around and have a cuppa.


Anonymous said...

Dontcha think that the teens/youf/older kids will just lump themselves all OVER the playground?

Wots to stop dem destroying it?

Leabank Square said...

Hi Anonymous

I'm no too sure which teens you are referring to?

The older kids in Leabank Square are a fantastic bunch. Do you not remember them from when they were younger?

They ALL love Leabank Square as it's been their home for a LONG TIME.

You have to admit - there is NEVER any trouble here in Leabank Square or the streets surrounding us. We have the greatest kids (no matter how old or young) living among us - and I think we should all be proud of them for staying so positive when the world they live in has quite a few negative pressures!

Plus - have you noticed how the next generation is getting involved in the gardening, tidying, DIYing of Leabank Square?

These are the younger brothers & sisters of the older guys & girls - and they're also setting a positive example for us adults to follow!!

Please say hi to them next time you see any of them - you were young once too.


Anonymous said...

I was in London recently, and tried to contact someone in Hackney about a possible playground in Clissold Park. Unfortunately, I got no reply.

If you are prepared to work a bit to get it, I want to recommmend our own custom-designed volunteer-built playgrounds.

I know this is shameless self-promotion, but please indulge me. I am proud and confident of what we can provide.


Leabank Square said...

Hi Michael

Thanks for the link to your site.

Your playgrounds look absolutely amazing!! I especially love the pics of the one in India - on the beach - fantastic!!

The HUGE problem for us here in Leabank Square (not too far from Clissold Park) is that this is an inner-city estate (project) - and as such - has absolutely no funding.

And due to the 'credit crunch' - most businesses who might have been community-minded enough to sponsor an initaitive like this - have all gone quiet.

But thanks for the ideas - if I ever happen to win the lottery - you'll be the first web-site I'll visit!!


Anonymous said...

Hey - they are cool playgrounds man!! Could we not beg this amazing designer to donate a playground to us?

Imagine what an incredible team building excercise it would be for the whole of Leabank Square?