Monday, 23 June 2008

Vote for Viccie Park!

Boris Johnson - the current Mayor of London - has promised £6 Million to spruce up London's parks.

Wouldn't it be great if some of that money could be spent down the road here in Viccie Park?!

Although it is a great park with loads of great amenities (see - it would be fantastic to see more money spent on our local green oasis.

Could you imagine a bigger sk8 park? Or a better swimming splash pool? Or even a more organised picnic area? Whatever you want for Viccie Park - we have got to work a bit for it!

The mayor has decided that we have to vote on the Internet for the parks that get some of the £6 000 000 spent on them.

Now....... I have spent over an hour trying to find out just how & where to do this voting - but can't seem to find the website that we need to use. So please - in the meantime could we ALL start sending him emails at saying that we want Viccie Park to be one of the winning parks!!


And then when the mayor decides to get the website up & running - I'll post another blog with the details. But please send heaps of emails STARTING NOW to - & we might be lucky!!

Oh - and see for more details.

Go for it!!

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Anonymous said...


I've sent a couple off. Please everyone, don't think that just cos some of us are sending votes - that's enough.

We all need to send as many as we can in order to get some dosh spent locally.

Please send off as many as you can.