Wednesday, 25 June 2008

More Fame!!!

We are famous!!!

We got a mention on London's most famous blogsite!!!

I wrote about Diamond Geezer's blogsite a few weeks ago - but this time Diamond Geezer put a link on his site to

Remember how many of us were upset about all the fast food adverts facing us on the Olympic hoardings? Well - on the day that Hackney was declared the borough with the highest childhood obesity rates IN THE COUNTRY - Diamond Geezer upped the pressure on the ODA to think more about the adverts for the worlds most famous sporting event being linked to junk food.

Not only that - but he guessed what some of us were up to by planning a painting raid over the adverts. I know that none of us wanted to get done for vanadalisement - & thought better of it - but how spooky of him to bring it up.

Anyhow - thanks for the link Diamond Geezer - I know it's a small gesture - but we'll reciprocate with our tiny readership as well:


Anonymous said...

If anyone hasn't yat, I highly recommend that you do visit daiamondgeezer's site.

He has a unique way of looking at London, especially our part of it, that I don't always agree with, but nonetheless, is found no where else.

Leabank Square, do yourself a favour & take a peek.


Anonymous said...


I'm in the States and I linked to your site from Diamond Geezer's site.

We also live in inner-city Chicago, and I am definetly going to try setting up a blog-site like yours in Leabank Square, here in my part of Chicago.

It sounds like you are all trying to make your neighbourhood a better place to live, and I'd love to visit if I ever get to travel over there.

Well done and keep up the good work!


Anonymous said...

Diamond Geezer is luck to have Leabank Square as a link cuz he's getting REAL cred form associating wid us