Sunday, 8 March 2009

Leabank Square Green Borders


You may have all noticed the sudden digging frenzy around the edges of the gated garden. Well, this is the start of our new garden borders. The coppiced logs from Wick Woods were donated by HMUG and have been used to contain the borders, in preparation for all the fantastic growing we will be doing this Spring and Summer.

This year we will continue to grow our own herbs and vegetables as we did last year. Only this year, with all your help, we would like to grow a greater variety of vegetables. These will include pumpkins, watermelons,onions, carrots, potatoes, radishes, salad leaves, runner beans, peas, tomatoes. We would love to grow, parsley, coriander, fennel, chives and so much more!

In preparation for all the watering required to produce a healthy crop of veggies, we are laying an irrigation hose in the borders. This will make the Summer job of watering the garden so much easier.

Once the hose is laid out, we will need to fill the borders with plenty of compost, to give our seedlings the best chance to grow into the tastiest herbs and veggies. This is where we would like to make an appeal to all Leabankers to donate some compost for our gardens.

So, the next time you are at you local B&Q, supermarket, Lidl or garden shop, please pick up a bag or two of compost and drop it off at number 71. Your donation will help to turn our Square into one of the most amazing places in Hackney this year!


Anonymous said...

If you've got any spare logs, build yourselves a couple of deep compost holders. Fill one up, then once its full turn the contents over into the other and fill up again.

Alternatively Tower Hamlets does compost bins for £5 - check whether Hackney does something similar (helps them cut down on landfill costs and achieve recycling targets).

paul said...

Excellent idea!

I hope you're only going to turn the water on for a few hours at night - that way - the plants will get lots of food without it evaporating - thus saving a lot of a precious resource.

Bill said...

Hi Sóna

I would love to do this across the road in the Trowbridge as well. Please could you show me how many holes to pierce & at what intervals.

This will save me a lot of water, and help save the environment, but most importantly make my tomatoes very juicy this year!

See you at the centre on Friday.

Anonymous said...

Hi all

Loooooking Gooood!


Betsy said...

Hey Sóna

You know, at 1st I thought it all looked like a right big mess on the green, but now that it's all cleared up and neat, it is gonna look beautiful.

Is there any way we can stop all the dogs getting in there? I mean it IS gated.

Wouldn't it be great if we could put a few raised beds in there as well, and turn it into the Leabank Square Veggie Garden?!?

That would be an excellent reason for it to be a NO-DOG area.