Sunday, 22 March 2009

Gili - Leabank Square Summer of '93

Who could have been a more fitting visitor to Leabank Square on this Mothers Day - than Gili?!

Looking for all the world like Mother Nature herself - Gili was walking along the canal - and thought to pop in to her old manor - Leabank Square.

Gili was almost one of the original Leabankers who lived here in 1993. Back then Leabank Square was brand spanking new - and no-one had access to the riverbank yet.

Guess what were the first words out of her mouth?

'I wish I lived here again!!'

Now if that isn't a fabulous endorsement for all the great things happening right here in Leabank Square - what is?

Gili - please know that you are very welcome to come & visit anytime you want. Especially at the Hackney Wick Festival on Saturday 26th September (check out what we got up to last year at:

In the meantime - keep up with all the news from Leabank Square right here on the blog!


Anonymous said...

Hmmm, we moved in to Leabank in 1991 and I dont remember Gili.

Funny how almost EVERYONE who moves out wants to come back! Great place to live, eh! :)

Derek said...

Yeah - I member Gili! Or mostly I member her hair - its nice to know that its all still wild & free!

Hi Gili - we used to chat at the entrance when we passed each other.