Sunday, 29 March 2009

Womens Institute in Hackney Wick!!

Starting a WI in the Wick
Hackney Wick Community Centre (Old Baths)
Monday 30th March 2009
Hosted by Niki Stevens (President of Eastend WI)

Calling all women in the Square… okay so the picture of the preserves is a little twee – but we have the opportunity to form a really interesting group here in Hackney Wick.

The WI may conjure up images of baking cakes and charity calendars – but we can create a group that fits all our needs. Just imagine meeting new people and making lasting friendships with women who live right on your doorstep.
Taking time out of from children, jobs and day to day stresses can all be just the therapy we need to make us feel human again!

So why not come along on Monday evening (6.30pm – 8.30pm) for a cup of tea and a chat and we’ll see what great ideas we can come up with.


Mary said...

You know.....
When I first saw this entry I thought you had lost the plot! I mean?! Womens Institute right here in Leabank Square - HACKNEY WICK?!

But now I've had time to mull it over..... What an excellent idea?!

There are so many diverse women here in Leabank Square who might want to learn how to make dolma, may want to try badminton, have a go at jogging, maybe tea parties up on the riverbank - all new & different experiences for some of us.

And what better way to do it - than in an all female environment?

mmmmmm - I've almost talked myself into it.

Anonymous said...

Niki Stevens is a very positive and capable person who also organises the St Barnabas Festival on Wennington Green (at the crossroads of Roman Road and Grove Road) every September. If she's organising a Hackney Wick W.I., it will be good.

Leabank Square said...

Hi Owen
Not only that - but Niki is also organising the next Hackney Wick Festival over this side of the park!

We've had several meetings with her - and we're all mightilly impressed!

So - 1st: we have you as a friend of Leabank Square offering up plants, advice & support and now....

2nd: Niki Stevens to organise this years festival!

Life is sweet!!