Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Olympic Stadium - well worth a stroll along the canal

Here's a few pics of the progress of the Olympic Stadium over the canal.

It really is an impressive construction site on that site of the park. You really get a better idea of the whole scale of the park as a whole when you see the stadium being added to.

Do yourself a favour - take a walk along the canal tow-path - and turn left up the Greenway path (still a bit grimy I'm afraid - come on Tower Hamlets!) - and when you get to the top - you'll see the stadium rising from the earth!!

I know there are times when we get a bit antsy about the levels of noise & dust directly across from us - but seeing the stadium puts it all a bit more into context - you know?!


Anonymous said...

It's definitely worth a look, and a pretty impressive site. Just imagine how it will look when it's all tarted up and finished! I just hope they can keep a lot of the traditional features and trees around the canalside.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sóna

MattW is right - maybe you can have a word with Julie about the pill box & trees at the Greenway bridge.

See if they can be kept when they do the redevelopement of the Greenway route from Viccie Park to the stadium?

I saw you & you family picking spring onions from our balcony. Please wash them thoroughly - there is loads of dog poo action along this part of the Greenway.

See you Sunday

Anonymous said...

Hey Sóna
I took your advice and went for a stroll along the greenway, and boy was it impressive.
It is HUGE.
I'm very glad we didn't end up with the main stadium right outside our windows.
Are they going to do anything about the greenway? I know it's actually outside the parks boundary, but it still needs to be a bit more impressive for all the visitors coming over from Viccie Park donnit?
Or maybe it's Tower Hamlets who needs to fork some bucks out?

Still, thanks for the advice, it definetly was well worth it.